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The Painting and Decorating Profession PowerPoint Presentation
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The Painting and Decorating Profession

The Painting and Decorating Profession

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The Painting and Decorating Profession

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  1. PLATINUM PAINTING COMPANY use only the best tools, materials and tradespeople for a top quality well-executed paint job you will love for years to come. The quality of our quotes reflects the quality of our work. Quotes are recieved promptly and itemised in detail to include a full scope of works such as preparation, materials, inclusions & exclusions. Our philosophy is to provide a personal flexible approach to all customer requirements to ensure that all work is carried out efficiently and promptly with minimum inconvenience to the customer.

  2. Painting and Decorating Sydney • Commercial Painters Sydney • Residential Painters Sydney • Industrial Painters Sydney • House Painters Sydney • Strata painters Sydney

  3. Painting and Decorating Sydney Whatever is advised, at the end of the day, if you really know what you are doing, do it properly. Keep a chic finishing and trust me, the gut feeling never goes wrong. You can find great designs from painting and decorating Sydney to embrace your house with your personal touch.

  4. Commercial Painters Sydney Platinum Painting Company is a premier provider of commercial painting services in Sydney. Our commercial painters have all the skills to provide the best quality.

  5. Residential Painters Sydney Residential painters provide painting, paint stripping, lead paint removal in Sydney and its surrounding suburbs.

  6. Industrial Painters Sydney Industrial painters Sydney help to protect your organization’s building structure by the application of coats of paints that are industrial grade. The aim is to ensure long term protection and preservation from unwanted damage that can often be caused from corrosion.

  7. House Painters Sydney A house painter and decorator is a tradesman responsible for the painting and decorating of buildings, and is also known as a decorator or house painter.

  8. Strata Painters Sydney Sydney Painting promises the complete peace of mind for the Strata Painting Services provided by our Strata Painters in Sydney.

  9. Platnium Painting Company Call us now : 1300 24 23 24 Head Office at Maroubra Junction Unit 10- 190/194 Maroubra rd, Maroubra 2035 Sydney For More Info :