two roads for eyelid firming or augenlidstraffung
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Two roads for eyelid firming, or augenlidstraffung

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Two roads for eyelid firming, or augenlidstraffung - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Augenlidstraffung or eyelid firming is a solution to baggy eyelids, one that can have impressive results. With this method patients turn back time with five years or more.

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Age is an important factor that needs to be analysed the moment we start noticing changes taking place in our bodies. Our physical appearance changes in time and as soon as we start getting old our skin modifies. Augenlidstraffung or eyelid firming is a solution to baggy eyelids, one that can have impressive results. With this method patients turn back time with five years or more.
What are the causes that lead to the formation of eyelid bags?

There are several reasons for this condition and we are more or less guilty for their apparition. For example, smokers or those who spend too much time in the sun, those who follow a hazy diet or those who lead a tiresome way of life (deprived of sleep, for example) are more prone to have hooded eyelids.

Age is another reason, a natural one. It is normal that once we advance in age, our skin loses its elasticity and genetic causes are responsible for the way in which we age. Augenlidstraffung or eyelid tightening can help you fight against the way of nature and remain young and beautiful for a longer period of time.

There are several anatomical basis and characteristics that in time lead to the formation of hooded eyelids and it is of uttermost importance to understand the things that trigger their apparition before applying any augenlidstraffung or eyelid streamlining treatment. For different anatomic problems, different treatments must be applied.

Some examples include:

Eyelid fluid– the condition can be identified easily because it is most prominent in the morning when the region that surrounds the eyes is swollen.

Orbital fat prolapse– appears when the orbital fat protrudes due to the weakening of the septum.

Loss of skin elasticity– this is a reason that traditional blepharoplasty cannot cure, because it is not a treatment for skin problems. If you have baggy eyes because your skin is not elastic anymore, then you need to search for another augenlidstraffung or eyelid firming procedure.

Tear trough depression– appears when the subcutaneous fat is lost, and is combined with thinning of the skin and related to the bony structure of the patient’s face.

There are two main ways of treating this condition, but great care must be taken when deciding upon either of them. These can be surgical and non-surgical, namely blepharoplasty and volume restoration. Because each patient is different and each patient’s origin of the formation of baggy eyelids differs, different treatment must be applied depending on the case.