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Niyamas. Evolution toward harmony. • Shaucha or purity, • Santosha or contentment, • Tapa or austerity, • Swadhyaya or self-education and • Ishwar-Pranidhan or meditation on the Divine. Shaucha or purity,. external and internal purity Impurities affect the mind

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Evolution toward harmony

• Shaucha or purity,• Santosha or contentment,• Tapa or austerity,• Swadhyaya or self-education and• Ishwar-Pranidhan or meditation on the Divine
shaucha or purity
Shaucha or purity,
  • external and internal purity
  • Impurities affect the mind
  • foods, thoughts, people and activities may be impure
  • Shaucha is not rule but commonsense
santosha or contentment
Santosha or contentment
  • Willingness to enjoy what each day brings
  • Embrace also difficult moments
  • Accept things around us as we cannot change them
tapa or austerity
Tapa or austerity
  • “tap” means “to burn”
  • Intense commitment to burn off distractions that prevent us from true connection to Yoga – the Universe
svadhyaya or self education
Svadhyaya or self-education
  • "sva" or Self (soul, atman, or higher self); "dhy," related to the word "dhyana" which means meditation;
  • "ya," a suffix that invokes an active quality.
  • Taken as a whole, svadhyaya means "actively meditating on or studying the nature of the Self."
svadhyaya or self education1
Svadhyaya or self-education
  • Remembering to be aware of the true nature of self
ishwar pranidhan or meditation on the divine
Ishwar-Pranidhan or meditation on the Divine
  • Giving up of our ego
  • That we “know best”