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What is Civil Litigation I PKMG PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Civil Litigation I PKMG

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What is Civil Litigation I PKMG
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What is Civil Litigation I PKMG

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  1. PKMG LAW CHAMBERS The Law Firm PKMG Law Chambers was set up in the year 1996. http://www.pkmgcorporatelaws.com/

  2. PKMG LAW CHAMBERS What is Civil Litigation ? The Civil litigation cases can be described as the legal problems arising due to some dispute between two parties and sometimes among few people and when the Civil Litigation Lawyers takes the responsibility of getting the compensation or other sanctions required which are not of a criminal nature for its clients. These cases involve accidents, environmental dispute, property related disputes and many other genres are there. Basically, these are the cases which involve dispute, but don’t involve any criminal activity. The Law Firms or individual Civil Litigation Lawyers mainly try to settle the case outside the court by a mutual process and seek for the right compensation amount or any other act which can compensate the damages suffered by the person filing the suit or the person who is injured etc. http://www.pkmgcorporatelaws.com/

  3. PKMG LAW CHAMBERS Types of Civil Litigation The Civil Law Firms provides a large array of services to the civilians. The most prominent field where these Lawyers or the firms work are laws related to the environmental disputes, there are Lawyers For Tax or the Tax Consultants for cases related to tax and company disputes, dispute with tenant or the landlord or landlady, if there is any sort of dispute regarding any particular product, in cases related to personal injury, intellectual property related disputes, dispute related to construction of any property or structures, dispute arising from malpractices in the noble profession of the doctors that is medical malpractices, for disputes related to arbitration there are Law consultants, dispute of the labours with the employers or vice versa, any kind of dispute related to the real estate except anything which include any criminal activity, anti-trust disputes, dispute related to the worker’s compensation and also any dispute in the Education or in the educational institutes. http://www.pkmgcorporatelaws.com/

  4. PKMG LAW CHAMBERS http://www.pkmgcorporatelaws.com/

  5. PKMG LAW CHAMBERS http://www.pkmgcorporatelaws.com/

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