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Piyush seth director of first medical services

Mr. Piyush Seth began First Medical Services in 2001 as a way to provide solutions to the Global Radiology industry. Through his business, Seth specializes in MRI and CT Scanners, and he applies the knowledge that he has gained in more than two decades of experience to everything that he does. In 2015, Seth launched a second successful entrepreneurial endeavor known as 20Med Inc.

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Piyush seth director of first medical services

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  1. Piyush Seth Director of First Medical Services Mr. Piyush Seth is an experienced businessman and the Director of First Medical Services. Mr. Seth has more than two decades of experience working with medical devices, and he specializes in radiology and imaging equipment. Before he began First Medical Services, Seth was a valued employee for Philips, General Electric and Siemens. Today, he works with both First Medical Services and his newer endeavor, 20Med Inc.

  2. Piyush Seth Professional Skills Piyush Seth, the Director of First Medical Services and the CEO of 20Med Inc., is a respected businessman and a driven entrepreneur. He has decades of experience and, during his years in the medical engineering industry, Seth has gained valuable professional skills. Among these skills are strategic planning, time management, digital imaging, decision making and leadership. His professional skills have served him well in his many business endeavors, entrepreneurial and otherwise

  3. Piyush Seth CEO of 20Med Inc. Mr. Piyush Seth is the founder of both 20Med Inc. and First Medical Services. He is a first generation entrepreneur and, between these two ventures and those in the past, Mr. Seth has proven himself successful. 20Med Inc. is a global marketplace for medical equipment and it is intended to connect buyers with sellers so that they can converse, negotiate and conduct business.

  4. Piyush Seth Award-Winning Ultrasound Engineer Piyush Seth, currently the Director of First Medical Services, has held several respectable medical equipment engineering positions during his career. One such position was with General Electric (GE) Medical Systems. In 1990, Seth was named the Best Ultrasound Engineer of GE in the Asia Pacific region. During his time with GE Medical Systems, Seth also earned a certificate of achievement in CT Scan Training.

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