Wireless power transmission for solar power satellite
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WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION FOR SOLAR POWER SATELLITE. OUT LINE. 1.Executive Summary. 2.SPS System. 3.Recent Technologies and research Antenna and Transmitters- Beam Control, Target Detection, Propagation Receivers and Rectifiers 4.Efficiency.

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Out line l.jpg


1.Executive Summary.

2.SPS System.

3.Recent Technologies and research

Antenna and Transmitters-

Beam Control, Target Detection, Propagation

Receivers and Rectifiers


5.Radio Science Influences and Effect of SPS.

Executive summary l.jpg

Executive Summary

Difference Between

- Communication System.

- WPT System.

Typical WPT is point – point power transmission.

Slide4 l.jpg

Famous taper method.

1.Gaussion Taper.

2.Taylor Distribution.

3.Chebychev Distribution.

suppression of side lobe

To increase the power transmission efficiency.

Wireless power transmission options for space solar power l.jpg
Wireless Power Transmission Optionsfor Space Solar Power

  • Far Term Space Systems to beam power to Earth

    • Radio-Wave WPT System

    • Light-Wave Systems

    • In a Light wave system highly concentrated solar radiation would be injected into the laser medium (direct solar pumping) and transmitted to earth and converted to electricity by photovoltaic cell’s.

    • Such system is different from the “classical” SPS using MPT.

Wpt wavelength trade for ssp l.jpg

Area of Significant Concern

Intermediate Area

Area of Significant Benefit

WPT Wavelength Trade for SSP

Slide8 l.jpg


It consists of mainly three segment.

1. Solar energy collector

2. DC to Microwave converter

3. Large Antenna Array.

Msc 1a lunar and mars power lamp application laser wpt to photo voltaics on the moon or mars l.jpg
MSC-1A: Lunar and Mars Power (LAMP) ApplicationLaser WPT to Photo-Voltaics on the moon or Mars

Recent technologies and researches l.jpg


Antennas for microwave power transmission l.jpg

Antennas for Microwave Power Transmission

All antennas can be applied for both the MPT system and communication system

We have to use a phased array antenna for the MPT from/to moving Transmitter/receiver.

Recent technologies for transmitters l.jpg

Recent Technologies for Transmitters

Generation of Microwave

Need higher efficient generator/amplifier.

Highly efficient beam collection on rectenna array.

Higher stabilized and accurate phase and

Amplitude of microwave when we use phased

array system for the MPT.

Microwave generator amplifier option for mpt l.jpg

Microwave Generator/Amplifier option for MPT

1.Microwave Tube (Cooker-type Magnetron)

2.Semiconductor Amplifier.

Magnetron l.jpg


Generate and amplify high power microwave (over kW) with a high voltage (over kV) imposed.

Higher Efficiency.

Low cost.

Unstable freq/Uncontrollable phase.

Very Economical.

Semiconductor amplifier l.jpg

Semiconductor Amplifier

It generate low power micro wave with a low voltage

It is easy to control a phase and amplitude

Especially F class amplifier is expected as high efficient amplifier for the MPT system.

Slide18 l.jpg

Distinguished from the ordinary use of the microwave technology

Pureness in spectrum

Efficient power generation and high efficient detector in a small and light fashion

Precise beam control

Recent technologies of retro directive beam control l.jpg

Recent Technologies of Retro directive Beam Control technology

1.Corner Reflector

2.Van Atta Array

3.Phase conjugate Ckt.

Coner reflecter l.jpg


Van atta array l.jpg

VAN ATTA ARRAY technology

Slide26 l.jpg

There are another method for the target detection is “Software Retro directive”.

Computer is usually used for the software retro directive.

3 receivers and rectifiers l.jpg

3. RECEIVERS AND RECTIFIERS “Software Retro directive”.


Rectenna array

Cyclotron Wave Converter

Schematic picture of cyclotron wave converter l.jpg
Schematic Picture of Cyclotron Wave Converter “Software Retro directive”.

Cwcs developed in russia l.jpg
CWCs Developed in Russia “Software Retro directive”.

Efficiency l.jpg

EFFICIENCY “Software Retro directive”.

1.RF-DC Conversion Efficiency.

2.Beam Collection Efficiency.

3.DC-RF Conversion Efficiency.

1 rf dc conversion efficiency l.jpg

1. RF-DC Conversion Efficiency “Software Retro directive”..

Efficiency of Rectenna – 80%

Decline of the Efficiency is caused by

-Array connection loss

-Change of connected load

-Trouble of the rectenna

-Any losses on the system(DC/AC conversion, cable)

Slide32 l.jpg

(a) Efficiency of 2.4 GHz Rectenna “Software Retro directive”.

(a) Efficiency of 5.8 GHz Rectenna

2 beam collection efficiency l.jpg

2. Beam collection Efficiency “Software Retro directive”.

Beam collection efficiency depends .

- transmitter and receiver aperture areas.

- wavelength, and the separation distance between

the two antennas

Efficiency – 89%

Decline Efficiency caused by



-Amplitude Error on a Phase Array.

The rise of the side lobe decreases antenna gain and beam collection efficiency.

3 dc rf conversion efficiency l.jpg

3. DC-RF conversion Efficiency. “Software Retro directive”.

We do not have to steer a micro-wave beam electrically.

If we need to steer (Guide or control).

We use phase shifter without grating lobes.

Slide35 l.jpg

Power loss of the phase shifter is 4-6dB. “Software Retro directive”. - To solve this problem we use low power amplifier after high loss phase shifter without grating lobes.

Conclusion l.jpg
Conclusion “Software Retro directive”.

  • Microwave power Transmission is most suitable for a power transmission from moving transmitters to moving target than other transmissions modes.

  • Accurate Target Detection and High efficient Beam forming By Retro directive system for Solar Power Satellite.

  • Compatible with other radio services and Application.

  • Power transmission efficiency of WPT is higher than that other mode in reference to.

    • Higher efficient generator amplifier

    • Highly efficient beam collection rectenna array

Caution note l.jpg
Caution Note “Software Retro directive”.

  • Microwave Power Transmission is Effected on Human Health.

Thank you l.jpg
THANK YOU “Software Retro directive”.