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P lore. Strategy for Reading. P = Preview. Circle T itle – Make a prediction Picture walk—predict what it is about Fiction or Non-fiction— F NF Narrative or Expository—Genre???. Preview the passage – Activate prior knowledge. L = Locate.

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p lore


Strategy for Reading

p preview
P= Preview
  • Circle Title – Make a prediction
  • Picture walk—predict what it is about
  • Fiction or Non-fiction— F NF
  • Narrative or Expository—Genre???

Preview the passage – Activate prior knowledge

l locate
L= Locate
  • Locate bold, underlined, or italicized words
  • Read around the wordfor context clues of word meanings
  • Decide on a meaning and plug it into the sentence to test the meaning
  • Encountering unknown vocabulary
o organize
O= Organize
  • Read the Questions
  • Underline key words – Circle words that need to be focused on in the question
  • Remember: questions give information about characters/events, facts/details that occur in the passage (this is a preview of what will be read)
  • Organize the Questions to locate the main idea
r read
R= Read
  • Read the passage once without stopping
  • Pay attention to your prediction, words you defined, and information that you recognize in the passage from the questions you will answer
  • Record the main idea
e evaluate
E= Evaluate
  • Reread questions & locate proof in the story
  • Write the answer you located next to the question <before you look at the answers>
  • Eliminate choices that don’t make sense
  • Answer the question
  • Evaluate & Ensure Evidence of answers

Circle Title

  • Is it Fiction or Non-Fiction F NF
  • Make Predictions

Preview story

Locate words

Organize ?s



  • Bold, Italicized, or underlined words
  • Read the sentence and define the word—predict a meaning
  • Does the definition make sense? (Plug it into the sentence.)






  • Cover the answers
  • Make notes in the story
  • Underline KEY words
  • Read the passage or poem
  • Reread the question
  • Find the proof that answers the question in the passage
  • Write the proof by the question, then look at the answers given
  • Answer the question