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Sandy River Middle School

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Sandy River Middle School. Data Presentation February 29, 2012. Sandy River Middle School. Mission Statement: To Facilitate Student Success in the 21 st Century. Core Beliefs : Students need guidance, support, self-discipline, respect and encouragement in order to be successful learners.

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sandy river middle school

Sandy River Middle School

Data Presentation

February 29, 2012

mission statement to facilitate student success in the 21 st century

Sandy River Middle School

Mission Statement:To Facilitate Student Success in the 21st Century

Core Beliefs :

Students need guidance, support, self-discipline, respect and encouragement in order to be successful learners.

A safe and caring environment, which is adaptable to the diverse needs of the individual, is essential for the learning and well being of all students.

Responsibility and respect of self and others are essential to personal development.

Learning takes place when the teacher and student are both motivated at a higher level.

Through a combined effort of students, parents, teachers, administrators, and support personnel, our students will develop skills necessary to compete in the 21st Century. 

Tiger Pride

about us
About us…
  • We are a grade 6 through 8 school
  • We are located in the western part of McDowell County
  • Our student enrollment is 260
  • Our Free and reduced Lunch enrollment is 77%
  • We are a second year School Improvement Grant (SIG)school
  • We are a 1003g school and a school of improvement
  • There are only 2 business in our enrollment area
  • The primary income of our employed parents is coal mining
how much we ve improved
How much we’ve improved

Figure 2: Continuous improvement in students Proficient, 3 year trend

what we have to celebrate
What we have to celebrate:


Figure 1: Ranking of 156 Middle Schools-Proficient students

Sandy River Middle School students have shown significant improvement

In achievement over the past three years as evidenced by school rankings.

how much we ve improved1
How much we’ve improved

Figure 3: Ranking sorted by Low SES subgroup

how much we ve improved2
How much we’ve improved

Figure 4: Ranking Above Mastery & Distinguished of the 156 Middle Schools in WV

why we have improved
Why we have improved:

We believe that our improved student achievement is due to our students’ increasing their higher order thinking skills within the standards and objectives .

our continuous improvement process three focus areas of sandy river middle school
Our Continuous Improvement ProcessThree Focus Areas of Sandy River Middle School
  • Achievement
  • Attendance
  • Relationships- Teacher to teacher; teacher to student; teacher to parent; parent to student, etc.
culture survey typology
Culture Survey/Typology

Our Culture Survey, completed Fall 2011. It indicated a culture of high expectations and strong internal support.

Collaborative groups working together toward student learning.

2. Low areas of school culture:

Community involvement,

Parental involvement.

Survey is rated on a scale of 1-5, one is the lowest and five is the highest.

culture survey typology1
Culture Survey/Typology
  • Culture Typology was completed on Dec. 23, 2011
      • Culture was labeled as Collaborative.
  • Culture Typology Top 4 Areas:
    • Shared Values- ALL teachers agree there is a strong agreement among teachers concerning educational values
    • Risk Taking- Teachers are constantly looking for new ideas
    • Communication- Any teacher can talk to ANY teacher about their teaching practice
    • Organizational History- At this school there is an understanding that school improvement is a continuous issue.

Goal: Collegial Awareness

Action Step: Collaborative teams will plan critical peer review

We believe that we are a school of continuous improvement, therefore, we continue to make goals to improve critical factors.

srms attendance
SRMS Attendance

Attendance incentives given in form of special activities, or


The most important thing is getting students engaged in learning,

so they want to attend…..

let s move srms

For Example

Let’s Move SRMS!
  • Each department picked a day that they are responsible for including movement into their lessons or as a break.
  • This can be done on any day,

but at least once/week.

  • Principal initiates Let’s Move activities via the intercom with music for everyone to dance or at least move.
wv writes
WV Writes

Our usage of WV Writes has been good. This year our goal has been to improve writing performance levels to 50% mastery and above, rubric scores above 4. Last year we performed at about 40% at 4 or above.

read 180 sri scores
READ 180- SRI Scores
  • 8th Grade:
  • 6 students 601L-800L
  • 2 students 401L-600L
  • 2 students 201L-400L
  • 7th Grade
  • 7 students 401L-600L
  • 1 student 201L-400L
  • 3 students BR-200L
  • 6th grade
  • 6 students 401L-600l
  • 4 students 201L-400L
srms 6 th math bm 1 2 numbers have gone down in tiers 1 and 2 up in tiers 3 4 and 5
SRMS 6th Math BM 1 & 2*Numbers have gone down in Tiers 1 and 2; Up in Tiers 3, 4 and 5

Sandy River Middle

Benchmark 1 Math

Sandy River Middle

Benchmark 2 Math

8th Grade Math BM 1&2Tier 2 increased greatly, Tiers 1 and 3 stayed the same and Tiers 4 and 5 have decreased.
tools to help srms keep focus
Tools to help SRMS Keep Focus
  • 10 minute meetings/Conversations
  • PLC’s/Leadership Team/Conversations
  • Data Tracking- Data Wall, Data Tracking Template
  • Walk Through’s- different formats designed for different outcomes
  • Trying new strategies, making the most of work time given
10 minute meeting conversations
10 Minute Meeting/Conversations
  • Scheduled weekly/teacher; On average meet with each teacher bi-weekly. When only a few can be met for the day, I prioritize in order of importance.
  • Each teacher brings a high, medium, low level of student work OR the topic of the week, such as if a short cycle assessment was just completed, they can bring that data.
  • Follow 10 Minute Meeting Form to guide discussion. After guiding the discussion at hand, I may use the opportunity to have “other” conversations, especially with my leadership team members.
  • Discuss the four questions:
    • What do we want them to know?
    • How do we know if they know it?
    • What do we do if they know it?
    • What do we do if they don’t?
principal s10 minute meetings log on excel
Principal’s10 Minute Meetings Log on Excel
  • Items on chart:
    • Date
    • Teacher Name
    • Evidence
    • Discussion from meeting
plc s leadership team conversations
PLC’s, Leadership Team Conversations
  • Scheduled weekly according to Organizational Schedule
  • Use Guiding Format-norms, agendas, minutes; enter into Indistar for SIG Monitoring
  • Present when I can be; regardless of my attendance, the form guiding PLC’s is completed by the meeting group and placed in a dropbox that is shared by all members of the department or group for viewing at any time.
  • Make the most of any time given to discuss issues at hand. Focus is on achievement and instruction first, but then can be utilized for departmental tasks or discussion.
collaborative conversations data tracking
Collaborative Conversations Data Tracking
  • Use of Data Wall for ELA/Math in PLC room
  • Individual classroom uses of data walls
  • Instructional Objectives being kept in student notebooks and posted on the whiteboard.
  • Data Tracking Template by CSO- Item Analysis
  • Bell Ringer Tracking Template matching each CSO being taught
  • Data Tracking Template by student- Short Cycle Assessments, Bell Ringers
collaborative conversations data tracking samples1
Collaborative Conversations Data Tracking samples
  • Use of Data Wall for ELA/Math in PLC room

7th Grade Math


8th Grade


8th Grade


8th Grade Math and RLA reflect 1st Acuity Benchmark Results

collaborative conversations data tracking samples2
Collaborative Conversations Data Tracking samples

Data Tracking Template by CSO- Item Analysis

classroom visits and observations of instructional strategies
Classroom Visits and Observations of Instructional Strategies
  • Walk-through’s using different formats to gather different information via e-walk and other tools
    • APL
    • Carnegie
    • Language!
    • McDowell County Instructional Walk-Through
    • Sandy River Middle School Instructional Rubric
    • Evaluation Forms
    • Service Personnel Evaluation Form
    • Athletic Coach Evaluation
    • Custodial Checklist
    • Walk Through Tracking Sheet
    • Instructional Practices Inventory- completed 3-4 times/year
classroom visits and assessing student engagement through conversations
Classroom Visits and Assessing Student Engagement through conversations

Teacher Led Instructional Practices Inventory- completed 3-4 times/year

Teacher Led faculty discussion and goal setting after each IPI

IPI Faculty Discussion about Student Engagement

Sandy River Middle School

February 2012

Questions, Data, Comments

Was this a typical day?


What can we celebrate?

5’s and 6’s increased

2’s decreased

Our collaborative conversations are interactive

Teacher ideas; suggestions

What do we value?

The breaking down of the coding

How our work has been worth it

Sharing teaching ideas

Students are at the center of their own learning

The awareness the IPI creates

Teacher led talk can be turned to student engagement

What do we need to improve

Our 1’s stayed the same

Students need to work in pairs or groups to capture the social learning

student based questions

Content specific work for the subs

Tests need higher order questions