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Matter Vocabulary. Mrs. Miller - 2009. freeze, melt, or evaporate . freeze, melt, or evaporate . When a substance changes in one of these 3 ways, it has made a physical change. chemical changes . chemical changes.

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Matter vocabulary



Mrs. Miller - 2009

Matter vocabulary

freeze, melt, or evaporate

When a substance changes in one of these 3 ways, it has made a physical change.

Matter vocabulary

chemical changes

What type of changes occur when one or more substances are changed to form a new substance.

Matter vocabulary


When a liquid disappears into a vapor, it is said to _____.

Matter vocabulary

A new substance is formed

What happens during a chemical change.

Matter vocabulary

It has turned orange

A shovel has been left outdoors and has rusted. What evidence shows a chemical reaction has taken place?

Matter vocabulary


This is a substance that has a definite volume and holds its own shape.

Matter vocabulary


This is matter that takes the shape of its container because it has a definite volume but no definite shape.

Matter vocabulary

Matter is neither created or destroyed

Matter may undergo changes, but find a statement about matter that is always true.

Matter vocabulary


Two or more substances that are put together to make something.

Matter vocabulary


A ______ has no definite shape or volume.

Matter vocabulary

physical changes

Changes in matter that change form but not identity are call ___.

Matter vocabulary

A new substance is not formed

When two substances are put together, but they keep their own identities, what type of substance forms?

Matter vocabulary


If one substance disappears into another substance when they are mixed, it is said that they are ______.

Matter vocabulary


Energy that is being given off or absorbed is called _____.

Matter vocabulary

It will hold its shape

How do you know when something is a solid?

Matter vocabulary


Another name for a chemical change is a chemical _______.

Matter vocabulary


This has mass and volume.

Matter vocabulary


What things are made of.

Matter vocabulary


The pull of gravity on matter is called _______.

Matter vocabulary

Physical properties

Changes in size, shape, odor, and hardness are examples of these.