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Awards Night Survey Results PowerPoint Presentation
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Awards Night Survey Results

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Awards Night Survey Results - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Awards Night Survey Results

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  1. Awards Night Survey Results June, 2011

  2. I attended 2011 Awards Night.

  3. I have attended Awards Night in the past.

  4. I plan on attending Awards Night in the future.

  5. I appreciated having the YRHS Jazz Band entertain the audience.

  6. I would like to see the YRHS Male / Female Presidents MC the evening.

  7. I felt the length of the evening was too long.

  8. What do you perceive to be the purpose behind Awards Night? • Overall year end awards • Spotlight kids achieving excellence • Student achievement night • Celebration of pursuit of excellence • Celebrate accomplishments, not just academics • Academic awards and awards for sports that did not have a banquet • Celebration of success

  9. Con’t • Motivation to push through the last few weeks of school • Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts • Top awards of students in all areas (don’t repeat banquet sports’ nights) • Student awards only • Acknowledge student achievements • Allow parents to see when their child receives an award • Honour our students

  10. I agree the following awards should be given out on Awards Night.

  11. I agree the following awards should be given out on Awards Night.

  12. List some ideas to “better” our present format of Awards Night. • Stream line the night – make it more entertaining • Speeches – 1 minute timed • Send out written invitations / emails to parents of award winners • 1 hour timeframe • Formal evening – all staff dressed formally or in school colors • SRC presidents need to rehearse • Principals / VP’s on either side of stage like Commencement, to keep agenda rolling, night moving • Arrange award recipients to make way to stage ahead of time • Fall / winter sports teams, should not be repeating banquet awards • Not “about” teachers, student focussed • Keep a personal touch, but not too much information • Stream line larger groups (80+ and 90+ and Social Awards)

  13. Con’t • Door prizes – big one for end, so audience stays • Keep it student focussed • Band / choir should have a year end banquet similar to sports teams to hand out their awards – or do it at year end concert • Do not hand out “trivial” awards • Introduce students formally, formal tone to evening, less joking • Students make way to center stage for official award congratulations • Chad to take formal pics • Ensure major award winners will be present - RSVP • Present only Athletes of the Year (not all individual sports teams) – take care of the rest at a pep rally • Staff members to help direct traffic, keep students moving towards the stage

  14. List ideas we could do to increase staff participation/attendance at this event. • Make it better, people will attend • Individual staff are the ones that look bad when they don’t attend • Attendance validates what we are trying to do here, teach students to excell • Give all staff something to do • We need to change our attitude – everyone of us should be there • This is a celebration of what we all work for all year • No easy answer – a busy week, Gina’s Garden, Band Concert, Awards Night and Senior Drama Night….personal commitments (family and professional obligations)…June is a busy month

  15. Con’t • Staff should not be guilted into attending • Give the slackers a job • Guilt is the only solution I see • Count it towards Extra-Curr • Don’t have it in June • Streamline the evening and shorten the program • Staff members involved with tasks, and the presentations • Move it to the school day • Make it mandatory • If you don’t attend, you lose your parking spot for the next year and you have to park in Calder!

  16. Where do we go from here? • Strike a committee • Review the data and suggestions more closely • Address the concerns • Make some informed decisions from the survey results as to how to make it better so everyone wants to attend!

  17. Committee Members:

  18. Meeting Date: