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Awards Night Survey Results

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Awards Night Survey Results - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Awards Night Survey Results. June, 2011. I attended 2011 Awards Night. I have attended Awards Night in the past. I plan on attending Awards Night in the future. I appreciated having the YRHS Jazz Band entertain the audience. .

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Presentation Transcript
what do you perceive to be the purpose behind awards night
What do you perceive to be the purpose behind Awards Night?
  • Overall year end awards
  • Spotlight kids achieving excellence
  • Student achievement night
  • Celebration of pursuit of excellence
  • Celebrate accomplishments, not just academics
  • Academic awards and awards for sports that did not have a banquet
  • Celebration of success
con t
  • Motivation to push through the last few weeks of school
  • Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts
  • Top awards of students in all areas (don’t repeat banquet sports’ nights)
  • Student awards only
  • Acknowledge student achievements
  • Allow parents to see when their child receives an award
  • Honour our students
list some ideas to better our present format of awards night
List some ideas to “better” our present format of Awards Night.
  • Stream line the night – make it more entertaining
  • Speeches – 1 minute timed
  • Send out written invitations / emails to parents of award winners
  • 1 hour timeframe
  • Formal evening – all staff dressed formally or in school colors
  • SRC presidents need to rehearse
  • Principals / VP’s on either side of stage like Commencement, to keep agenda rolling, night moving
  • Arrange award recipients to make way to stage ahead of time
  • Fall / winter sports teams, should not be repeating banquet awards
  • Not “about” teachers, student focussed
  • Keep a personal touch, but not too much information
  • Stream line larger groups (80+ and 90+ and Social Awards)
con t1
  • Door prizes – big one for end, so audience stays
  • Keep it student focussed
  • Band / choir should have a year end banquet similar to sports teams to hand out their awards – or do it at year end concert
  • Do not hand out “trivial” awards
  • Introduce students formally, formal tone to evening, less joking
  • Students make way to center stage for official award congratulations
  • Chad to take formal pics
  • Ensure major award winners will be present - RSVP
  • Present only Athletes of the Year (not all individual sports teams) – take care of the rest at a pep rally
  • Staff members to help direct traffic, keep students moving towards the stage
list ideas we could do to increase staff participation attendance at this event
List ideas we could do to increase staff participation/attendance at this event.
  • Make it better, people will attend
  • Individual staff are the ones that look bad when they don’t attend
  • Attendance validates what we are trying to do here, teach students to excell
  • Give all staff something to do
  • We need to change our attitude – everyone of us should be there
  • This is a celebration of what we all work for all year
  • No easy answer – a busy week, Gina’s Garden, Band Concert, Awards Night and Senior Drama Night….personal commitments (family and professional obligations)…June is a busy month
con t2
  • Staff should not be guilted into attending
  • Give the slackers a job
  • Guilt is the only solution I see
  • Count it towards Extra-Curr
  • Don’t have it in June
  • Streamline the evening and shorten the program
  • Staff members involved with tasks, and the presentations
  • Move it to the school day
  • Make it mandatory
  • If you don’t attend, you lose your parking spot for the next year and you have to park in Calder!
where do we go from here
Where do we go from here?
  • Strike a committee
  • Review the data and suggestions more closely
  • Address the concerns
  • Make some informed decisions from the survey results as to how to make it better so everyone wants to attend!