workshop or training with therapeutic session n.
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Workshop or Training with Therapeutic Session

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Workshop or Training with Therapeutic Session. We specialize in: workshops aimed at developing life-skills for children and youth utilizing therapeutic and activity-based approaches

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We specialize in:

  • workshops aimed at developing life-skills for children and youth utilizing therapeutic and activity-based approaches
  • conducting training for parents and educators in using therapeutic methods for stress and behavior management.
activities based approach for children
Activities Based Approach for children
  • Benefits :
  • Customize games or activities
  • Fun and engaging child with peers.
  • As a tool to make the activities meaningful and engaging.
  • Promote team-player skills
art therapy
Art Therapy
  • Benefits of Art Therapy
  • As a form of self-expression to help participant find an inner voice when words cannot describe the feeling/situation
  • As a therapeutic avenue to release distressed emotions
  • As a positive outlet to modify/neutralize socially unacceptable instinctual behaviors
  • As a key to unlock trapped memories in the subconscious/ unconscious part of the mind
  • As a tool to reflect and make awareness
art therapy1
Art Therapy
  • a creative approach that includes the purposeful use of art media (e.g. drawing painting and constructing) as an intervention for a variety of psychosocial, cognitive and physical challenges for people of all ages.
  • it enhances emotional, mental and physical well-being, and encourages one to find an inner voice when words cannot describe the experience.
  • An avenue to release distressed emotions
art therapy2
Art Therapy
  • " When Words are not enough" art therapy is a treatment based on existing strengths, weaknesses, interests, and concerns. It can help children of different ages, sex and races
  • Art therapy provides children with a more comfortable way to express intense emotions using art materials
  • Children are invited to give form to their inner experience by projecting their fears, anger, wishes, and dreams onto their artwork rather than acting out in daily life.
  • Understand and treat behavioral problems
  • Achieve better self-awareness
  • Enhance self confidence/esteem
  • Identify and regulate emotional issues (e.g. fear of abandonment or phobias)
  • Relief from stress or anxiety (e.g. from transitions, schoolwork, family situations)
art therapy children
Art Therapy: Children
  • Develop basic understanding on the background of art therapy
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Developmental stages of children in art expression (manipulating, forming, naming, representing, consolidating, naturalizing, personalizing)
  • Expressive Therapies Continuum (ETC) can help them plan simple art activities (kinesthetic –sensory level, perceptual-affective level, cognitive-symbolic level, creative level, art creation to a story)
art therapy team bonding stress management
Art Therapy:Team bonding & Stress management
  • Facilitate emotional wellbeing through self-understanding
  • Non-verbal communication (communicate through symbols and images)
  • Presentation on self awareness and mental wellbeing
  • Experiential art – creating symbolic image of own path
  • Reflection
dance movement therapy
Dance/Movement Therapy

Benefits of Dance/Movement Therapy

  • As a form of self-expression to help participant to feel and connect through body movement
  • As a therapeutic avenue to release distressed emotions
  • Getting in touch with body and sense of emotional self
  • As a key to discover and exploring new experiences with own body rhythm and movement
  • As a tool to reflect, make awareness and making connection with self and others
dance movement therapy children
Dance/Movement Therapy: Children

• The session encompasses expression, improvisation, fun and

creativity using story-telling, movement, music and drama.

• Tapping, exploring and developing the children’s innate talents

and gifts.

• Objectives:

• Getting in touch with body and sense of emotional self

• Exploring creativity, fun, expression in movement, music &


• Discovering, tapping & exploring new experiences

• Developing awareness and making connection with self and


• Developing & building social relating skills with peers


Difference between

running a movement and dance activities

in a normal classroom setting and

from a psychotherapeutic perspective.

ceo founder
CEO & Founder

Ivy Chew 

BPsychology (hons), Trained in AEPS | Basic Sign Language | Positive behavior and support | Understanding of Autism|BehaviorManagement

Currently involved in research regarding "The Efficacy of Weighted Vests and Deep Pressure Interventions for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders“, appeared in Strait Times with 7th President of Singapore

4 years experienced in working in Early Intervention Programme as Senior Teacher

Volunteered in Bangkok, Thailand (Human Development Foundation and the Mercy Centre) and presented in front of 43rd President of United States of America

Served as a volunteer to work with delinquents, orphans, young adults and children with Autism

Specialty/Expertise/Interests: Working with young adults and children|re-integrate people with special needs into society | building confidence and improving interpersonal skills| Individualized Education Program goals

facilitator dance movement therapist
Facilitator (Dance/Movement Therapist)

Elizabeth Rutten-Ng

MaDaT, DipEd, is a professional dance/movement therapist and educator in Netherlands, NVDAT member, ADTA professional member, founder of Embodied Movement, and has created her own Embodied Awareness programmes. 

 interviewed and featured in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur local press, magazine and websites. 

Her master research thesis is based on 'Looking through their lens, Into their Inner world: The Role of Mirroring and Attunement with Children on Autism Spectrum in Dance Therapy'

Expertise/ Specialty:  adults, elderly, youth, parents, babies and children |Young children in different international cultures both in Asia and Netherlands|innate internal self-reflection|analysing movement patterns in the early years| uses the Laban, Bartenieff fundamentals, Kestenberg Movement Profile, Infant Development Movement Education and Ways of Seeing methods.

facilitator art therapist
Facilitator (Art Therapist)

Jeanette Chan

MA Art Therapy, BA Business in Business Administration, Diploma in Counseling Psychology

Registered art therapist with Art Therapist Association of Singapore (ATAS) and Australian & New Zealand Art Therapy Association (ANZATA)

Published article of Art Therapy in the Singapore Art Gallery Guide

Specialty/Expertise/Interest: Parent-child relationship development | Corporate team bonding through art | Therapeutic art sessions with children and teenagers | Art | Post traumatic stresses and insecure attachmentherapy sessions (individual or group) for person with learning disabilities t

our services
Our Services
  • Using Therapy approach on behavior management
  • Emotional Management for children/adults
  • Stress Management for children/adults
  • Using Therapy Approaches in Lesson Plan
  • Corporate Wellness & Team Bonding
  • Training teachers or parents in therapy approaches
  • Parent-child bonding session using therapy approaches
  • Share with us your interest or learning objectives, we will cater workshop to meet your goals!
therapy organization group
Therapy: Organization/Group
  • Personal Development Special request for 'Themed' programmes, workshops or sessions can be customised, arranged and designed for groups in schools, companies, organisations and individuals. 
  • Professional DevelopmentRequest for individual or group professional development/growth in related- or other fields can also be arranged.


1 Ford Avenue #01-01

Singapore (268685)

Co Reg 201320902D

Mobile: +65 92777 531