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Nero’s Golden Palace. By Colin P. The Man, The legend, Nero. Emperor Nero's full name was Nero Claudius Caser Augustus Germanics He was born on December 15th, Ad 37 and died on June 9 th ad 08 due to his own hands.

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The man the legend nero
The Man, The legend, Nero

  • Emperor Nero's full name was Nero Claudius Caser Augustus Germanics

  • He was born on December 15th, Ad 37 and died on June 9th ad 08 due to his own hands.

  • Nero was adopted by his uncle Claudius so that he could become the heir to his throne

Nero continued
Nero Continued

  • Nero was the fifth and last emperor of the Julio claudian dynasty.

  • Nero ruled from 54 to 68 AD

  • One of his main focuses was to improve the culture of the capital by building theaters and the famous Golden Palace

Nero continued1
Nero Continued

  • Nero was known as a tyrant and extravagant and had his mother plus his stepbrother executed

  • There is a theory that Nero burnt down the section of Rome where he will build his grand palace. It is said while Rome burned Nero played the fiddle. Nero was a very troubled man as you can see

The structure
The Structure

  • The Golden Palace was called the Domus Aurea in Latin

  • The Golden palace was made out of brick and concrete

  • It was decorated with extremely lavish building materials and colors

The structure continued
The Structure Continued

  • The Golden Palace was said to have over three hundred rooms. At the end of it there was the most extravagant dinning room in Rome. Nero’s. The dinning room could rotate thanks to Roman engineering.

  • In the middle of the palace was a giant courtyard with a man made lake in the middle

Structure still continued
Structure Still Continued

  • The Palace used many roman architectural devices

  • It used all of the Roman columns, the roman arch, and also used the dome in its construction

The end of the gold
The End of the Gold

  • During Nero’s reign many people did not approve of Nero’s extravagant and tyrant like ways.

  • As a result people decided to burrow the palace with dirt not before they took away all the gold and other extravagant items.