pillai shyam kumar sadashivan best steel iron n.
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Pillai Shyam Kumar Sadashivan

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With the High Qualified marketing Experience and good Planning & Execution of strategies for the company, now Pillai Shyam Kumar Sadashivan is the finest pillar of the steel industry in Bahrain.\nhttp://pillaishyamkumarsadashivan.com/\n

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pillai shyam kumar sadashivan best steel iron

Pillai Shyam



Best steel & iron trades in Bahrain 

things you likely did not know about shyam pillai

Things You Likely Did Not Know

About Shyam Pillai

Okay people, right about now you are likely

asking “who is that in the first place?” Perhaps

you do not know his name right now, but you

soon will. This young man has a plethora of

accomplishments, so let us formally introduce

you to him. Folks, meet Pillai Shyam Kumar

Sadashivan, aka Shyam Pillai. He is one of the

foremost entrepreneurs of the modern

business world on an international level. He is

highly skilled at running businesses and has a

multitude of accomplishments to his credit.

Like what, you might ask? Sit back, relax, and

read this and we shall tell you.

although he hails from india one of his earlier

Although he hails from India, one of his earlier

claims-to-fame was for the Japanese company

Nishizawa Limited. They were known to be a

leading trading company in Japan. He had the

honor of being the only sales manager who

was not of Japanese origin throughout their 18

worldwide offices. Our international hero

successfully established Nishizawa in several

foreign markets and ultimately diversified their

products to include building materials and

even timber.

In more recent times, Pillai Shyam Kumar

Sadashivan has become a partner at a

company called Metal Care Center. They are an

established company in the UAE who has

become a household name thanks to this

industrious young man. He has practically

revolutionized Metal Care Center and made

them THE place to come to for steel-related

activities. Whatever you need in the steel

industry in that region of the world, THIS is

who to connect with.

on a more personal level shyam pillai

On a more personal level, Shyam Pillai is in his

mid-40s and, as we eluded to, is of Indian

decent. He speaks three different languages

including English and has a driver’s license in

the UAE. Our industrious businessman is also

happily married. Nice work sir, keep it up!

growing metal sourcing ideas across the globe

Growing Metal Sourcing Ideas

Across the Globe

Pillai Shyam Kumar Sadashivan is not your

average executive. From his highly

contagious smile and outgoing attitude, he

makes sales representatives and new

vendors feel comfortable. By courageously

stepping into the role of driver, he uses

strong communication tactics to get his

point across and help Hawk Steel FZC

become a thriving metal manufacturer in

the Middle East.

a personal look at pillai shyam kumar sadashivan

A personal look at Pillai Shyam Kumar


• Driven

• Successful

• Determined

• Loyal

• Resourceful

• Socially adaptable

• Incredible at multitasking

• Independent worker when necessary

• Organizing is a key skill

• 25 years of experience in steel

• Adaptable personality

Creating a niche in the market

one of the most valuable things that

One of the most valuable things that a CEO

or partner can do is to reach out to a select

audience pool and provide a product that

people cannot live without anymore. Steel is

something that is going to be necessary for

many decades. By providing products that

are hard to acquire in the Middle East, Pillai

Shyam Kumar Sadashivan helps fabricate

solutions for global enterprises.

hands on management

Hands-on management

Forging forward with knowledge honed from

decades of work in the steel industry helps

Pillai Shyam create products that are vital to

stabilizing a tough market. His understanding

of the market and partnering with the right

people helped his company has grown over

the past nine years. Reaching for

unobtainable goals is the driving force that

steers his business plan while experience and

knowledge help him make solid decisions for

the business.

Pillai Shyam Kumar Sadashivan is a dedicated

CEO that is still gaining momentum in the

steel industry. He helps his company and

shareholders reach out to new customers by

filling a void in the market that no one else is

working as hard to do right now. He hopes to

inspire future entrepreneurs to do some of the

same things as his company.

Source:- https://goo.gl/JV7FnD

if you want to know more about pillai shyam kumar

If you want to know more about Pillai Shyam

Kumar Sadashivam Visit His official Website


you can also follow him on these social media