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Animation team project. Project description.

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Project description
Project description

  • Animation students will create a final project in which they will demonstrate that they have acquired the basic necessary skills and practical experience to produce two dimensional (2-D) animation used in motion picture, television and digital media industries.

  • Skills include drawing subject matter in a sequential format; rendering and composing in color, model drawing for characters, special effects portrayal, painting backgrounds, scanning, capturing, animating, and editing for video or digital formats.


  • A two minute demo reel

  • A two minute short animated story

    • Can be a combination of still images with captions and animated clips.

  • A comic book (Created using the Comic Life application)

    • 25 - 30 pages long

    • Original script

    • Original digital characters and backgrounds

Production team
Production team

  • Each production team will consist of 4 – 6 members to be hired by the Production Team Director.

    • Directors will be selected following a pre-established criteria by the instructor.

      • Director roles:

        • Interview potential team members

        • Oversee project

        • Make sure team members are on task and meeting goals

        • Fill in for any position

    • Team members will prepare a portfolio geared towards the two positions they are interested in interviewing for. (Interviews will take place during our next meeting, and students who are absent will be placed in any animation team that has available positions.)

Available positions
Available positions

  • Animator:

    • Animators bring concepts to the screen. They fall under many categories. There are character animators (who bring performance and personality to characters in the production), special effects animators (who animate everything that is not character animation, including fire, earth, air, and water effects), graphic animators (who specialize more in the movement of graphics and titles within a production) and model animator (who do all the above things using puppets, or clay-based characters to achieve the required effect).

  • Clean-Up Artist

    • A skilled artist is assigned to review the animated pencil drawings, to give everything a consistency in character design and to ink them for the scanning.

  • Background Artist

    • A skilled artist that creates the picture that supports and enhances the animation, and creates the environment where characters will interact.

  • Scanner

    • Scanner operator who is meticulous and organized.

  • Inker

  • Colorist


  • Individual: Grade will be based on weekly reflections and instructor observations.

  • Group: Grade will be based on quality of final project.

    • Final project must demonstrate the proper use and application of the 12 Principles of animation, as well as the techniques learned throughout the school year.

Due date
Due date

  • Importance of meeting deadlines.

  • Projects will be showcased, except for those which are incomplete.

  • Last day to submit projects will be Friday, May 24.