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in contrast divorce is antipathy of wedding n.
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Tacoma Child Custody attorney PowerPoint Presentation
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Tacoma Child Custody attorney

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Tacoma Child Custody attorney
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Tacoma Child Custody attorney

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  1. In contrast, divorce is antipathy of wedding and can be settled only though proper legal process, otherwise it drags you to numerous personal, social, financial and legal problems. If you are living in the greater Tacoma family lawyer in Washington area and are confronted with a state of divorce, you need to avail the legal services of a family law professional who has the expertise and established track record in dealing with divorce cases and can bring a permanent and acceptable solution to your case. You need to locate a suitable lawyer and call him immediately for an early result.

  2. There are four eventualities that may arise out of consequence of legal settlement. Firstly, you are legally freed from the contract of marriage. Secondly, you may have to provide custody, child support and visitation of your children. Thirdly, your assets and liabilities are divided and lastly, you may receive or pay alimony as would be decided by the court. You do not have to get the consent of your spouse for obtaining a divorce. You can be officially divorced within 91 days of filing and serving the divorce to your spouse, provided matters such as division of debts and assets, alimony, custody and support are settled with your spouse. In the event of non-settlement on the above issues, the case may be prolonged for a period for 8 to 12 months.

  3. The cost of obtaining a divorce depends upon how early and reasonably you settle the related issues, with your spouse. The number of children, property or debts and alimony are other factors that determine the cost. The court fee is $ 120 for filing a divorce case and the cost of serving the initial papers is $ 30 to $ 40. In contrast to divorce, in a legal separation, the spouse remains married legally. However, either party has the option of converting the legal separation to a divorce, within a time period of six months of pronouncement of the legal decree. In case legal decree is not entered, the duration is limited to 90 days.

  4. Alimony, referred to as spousal maintenance is decided by the court on the basis of the need and ability of either of the spouse. Alimony may be rehabilitative to make the receiving spouse for facilitating education or training for a job. One year of alimony is paid for every four years of marriage. Permanent alimony is awarded in case the period of marriage is long and continues till the death of the receiving spouse. You can get court order for protection of yourself, your children, home, car and other property, from spending and selling by your spouse. You can also get order of the court requiring your spouse to pay you alimony for providing support to your child. It will be judicious for you not to disclose your intention of divorce, to your spouse in order to avoid any countering action.