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Silver belly rings from Piercebody.com

Silver belly rings from Piercebody.com<br>

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Silver belly rings from Piercebody.com

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  1. Beautiful Body Jewellery Curved Barbell Collection They say fashion is a reflection of your personality, and everyone who wants to stand out would agree with this. And the beauty of the body piercings lays in the fact it adds more sensuality and boldness to your overall look. And carrying forward its lineage of stylish and sensual accessories, we at Piercebody.com offer you with a huge array of beautiful body Curved barbell jewellery to match your fashion sense. Curved barbells are slim and pretty straight barbells with a tinge of curve to add more impressions. They are one of the popular body jewellery designs that can be used for eyebrow, belly, nipple and other types of body piercings. As with other types of body piercing jewelry, the Curved barbells can be categorize into various sections based on the materials used in them :

  2. 1. Micron 18k gold plated - These are suitable for those with passion for the yellow metal. The gold plated pendant ones are attractive and safe for a range of skin types- even the extra sensitive ones too. 2. Surgical stainless steel barbells - This continues to be the favorite among the jewellery designers for its durability and flexibility to incorporate whatever design you want. Surgical stainless jewellery is easy to maintain and clean without having to worry about any dents or rust.

  3. 3. Bio Flex - Extra comfortable and flexible, these are one of the most bio-compatible material that goes into the making of your body jewelry. Bio Flex Curved barbells are an easy fit that eliminates any possibility of irritation and can be used on any part of the body. You can go stylish without putting pressure on your body with metal allergies with Bio flex straight barbell. 4. UV - This one is for the sensational and funky ones. UV curved barbells come with acrylic balls at the end that show re-activity to UV lights. These show a scintillating effect under LED lights or UV lights that are present in the disco clubs and pubs. View this tragus earring to clear understand this product.

  4. 5. Titanium - This one is the most versatile and flexible metal that also shows high degree of bio compatibility. Titanium Jewelry is flexible, lightweight and is available in myriads of funky designs. 6. Anodized - Anodized jewellery involves electrical coating on the jewellery metal surface, usually titanium or niobium, to achieve beautiful color effect. Anodized jewellery is a safe option for fresh as well healed piercings.

  5. And if you want more blink and style, go for jeweled curved barbells with colored stones, crystals at the curved ends for a sexy look. Shop with us for some statement making curved barbells in multitudes of offbeat design and colors with 100% guarantee for quality and durability. ContactUs http://www.piercebody.com/ USA ( Dispatch Office) 1321 Upland Drive Houston, TX 77043, (U.S.) Tel : +1-786-2313789 Fax : +1-646-3653162 ****Open 24x7 hours ****

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