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Welcome …

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  1. System & Methodpresents Document & Workflow Managementfor iSeries and System i5Sunday, October 12, 2014 System & Methodpresents An effective document Portalfor iSeries and System i5Sunday, October 12, 2014

  2. Welcome … • Martin Hecht Olsen, Managing Director System & Method was established in 1989 • IBM Business Partner • Sales directly to customers • Sales via partners • System implementation • More than 900 customers in 28 countries • Subsidiaries in Denmark, Sweden, France, Canada and Brazil • Partners in more than 20 countries

  3. Reorganizing a cumbersome paper flow… Mazda Europe Mazda Motor Denmark Mazda dealer Manual submission 1 2 Certificates Manual archivning FTP text-file Type certificate 4 3 Corrected when modifications Urgent pick up Filled in manually Sun Unix Windows 2000 Borland Database Archiving on InfoCD Manual archiving • InterForm transform print to electronic documents • The Workflow is presented in IceBreak Client Framework • The Business logic is programmed in IceBreak • An IBM iSeries replaces the Windows 2000 server

  4. Program Skygge kø E-mail PDF document Laser print InterForm ”InterForm transform print to electronic documents” InterForm Automatic workflow • Central management controls output queues and activates the workflow • Distribution as PCL to designated printers or electronically as PDF documents • One single process separates spooled files, capture index data and archives as PDF documents Flexible design • Graphical designer function enables easy creation of conditional elements and remapping of data • PDF documents are created with digital signatures, password protection, bookmarks and hyperlinks • Support all languages and character sets with Unicode, TrueType fonts and barcodes • Built-in PCL and PDF driver handles JPEG, BMP and TIFF files Easy integration • Developed for OS/400 – no additional hardware or IBM features required • No need for changes to the ERP system • Integration with the DB/2 database enables automatic distribution via print, fax or e-mail

  5. InterForm ”InterForm transform print to electronic documents”

  6. IceBreak Client Framework ”The Workflow is presented in IceBreak Client Framework” Structured Management • Collects and organize all documents in a simple hierarchical structure • The structure is set up individually to reflect work processes • Optional icons can make document retrieval easier and more intuitive Smooth communication • Publish print, fax, mail and other documents on the Internet • Flexible search function, like Google – gives easy access with a few search words • Advanced search retrieves the requested document with great precision • Sorting on columns gives a more personal presentation Easy integration • Processes and workflow can be activated by a click on the mouse • The Drag-Drop function reflects the physical work routine • Integrates to InterForm with a single program • Supports Terminal Server and Citrix

  7. Secure connection (SSL 128 bit) IceBreak Client Framework ”The Workflow is presented in IceBreak Client Framework”

  8. IceBreak ” The Business logic is programmed in IceBreak” Creative development • Easy to learn – first results ready within 1 hour! • Utilization of existing legacy business logic and programming skills • Wizards, templates and conversion tools speed up development • Any web design too can be used in the interactive development environment Powerful server • High performances, even on the smallest iSeries • Built-in Web Server and Web Application Server • No additional hardware or configuration needed • Framework available for creating a document portal Innovative technology • Creation of authentic OS/400 objects with no additional scripting or overhead • Deployment of Web Applications using RPG, COBOL, SQL or XML • Freedom to create Web Services – even in the 5250-environment • Publication of existing Query/400 reports on the Internet

  9. IceBreak ” The Business logic is programmed in IceBreak”

  10. IceBreak How does IceBreak work ? More than 6,000 records are generated per second 15000

  11. iSeries OS/400 IceBreak Server IceBreak System architecture Web Server Job control Web client (slim client) Web ApplicationServer TCP/IP Native OS/400 interface PC client (full client) Development Server Pre compiler RPG Cobol Wizards & templates Development

  12. IceBreak Learn IceBreak – Step by step

  13. 5 Cobol 1 2 3 4 IceBreak Learn IceBreak – Step by step 5 1 2 3 4

  14. Agreed with IBM in Rochester/Toronto to develop a IceBreak plug-in for WebSphere Development Studio. For the first time ever, an European Business Partner was invited to a ”TRB, Technology Review Board” at IBM Rochester with participation from the management for System i. Several American and Canadian colleges has decided to base their curriculum in RPG on IceBreak. Amongst these are Seneca College, which is the largest college in Canada. IceBreak mile stones in 2006

  15. IceBreak Editions IceBreak Enterprise • Development of Web applications using RPG, COBOL, SQL and XML • Reuse existing program source and qualifications • Select your own development tool for the interactive development environment • Builds real OS/400 objects – which continues to run on i5/iSeries IceBreak Server • Powerful server with high performance – even on the smallest iSeries models • Built in Web Server and Web Application Server • No need for extra hardware or configuration • Easy integration of Web Services – even in the 5250 environment IceBreak Inspire • Powerful tool for SQL and Query • Publish Query lists as spreadsheets, on the Internet or locally on the Intranet • Structures and organize existing Query-lists in groups • Easy to install and easy to use

  16. IceBreak Inspire IceBreak Inspire is a powerful tool for SQL- and Query requests. Existing queries can easily be imported into a spreadsheet, or presented in an internet or intranet browser. It is easy to organize and structure queries in groups, and they can be accessed through an OS/400 web log-on. Install IceBreak Inspire today! • Free tool, no obligations • Easy to install and use • Free updates • New functions are added regularly As developer, please feel free to use IceBreak Inspire in your applications – free of change. Minimum requirements: System i5, iSeries or AS/400 with OS/400 V5R1 or higher FREE!