flexible workplaces build engagement wellbeing and productivity l.
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Flexible workplaces build engagement, wellbeing and productivity PowerPoint Presentation
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Flexible workplaces build engagement, wellbeing and productivity

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Flexible workplaces build engagement, wellbeing and productivity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Flexible workplaces build engagement, wellbeing and productivity. Riding the waves of recession.

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Flexible workplaces build engagement, wellbeing and productivity

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riding the waves of recession
Riding the waves of recession
  • “Although it may seem counterintuitive that the war for talent will persist during an economic down-turn, the demographic data indicates otherwise. The converging forces of baby boomers retiring in large numbers and Generation Y or Millennials entering the workforce in much fewer numbers will produce a labor shortage. In the US, only 47 million Millennials stand ready to replace the 76 million baby boomers now facing retirement.”
  • Talent Management in a Down Economy
  • Taleo Research 2008
japan worst case health safety
Japan – worst case health & safety
  • 10,000 work-related deaths every year
  • Highest rate of employees suffering work-related health problems
proven people management approaches
Proven people management approaches
  • Focus on business results
  • Retain top talent
  • Offer flexible work arrangements
  • Enhance employee engagement
  • Value and support diversity
  • Prioritise health and wellbeing
job control support critical to health
Job-control & support critical to health

“….an organization’s culture is predictive of the rate of absence due to illness. Increased levels of job-control and support at work have been shown to have beneficial effects in terms of improving the health and wellbeing of employees and of increasing productivity.”

How Workplace Culture Influences Productivity

and Business Success, 2001

pressing health and safety issues
Pressing health and safety issues
  • Workplace stress
  • Health and wellness
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Communication
  • Ageing population
  • Work-life issues
telecom retail a wellness approach to absenteeism
Telecom Retail – a wellness approach to absenteeism
  • 2,500 staff
  • High absenteeism
  • Costing $5m per year
telecom retail a wellness approach to absenteeism8
Telecom Retail – a wellness approach to absenteeism
  • Wellness expos
  • 10,000 steps challenge
  • Fitness challenge
  • Winter wellness challenge
  • Draw for Australian holiday
telecom retail a wellness approach to absenteeism9
Telecom Retail – a wellness approach to absenteeism
  • Increased engagement
  • Reduced absenteeism – sick days dropped by a third
  • Better service
comvita stressing the positive
Comvita – stressing the positive
  • A mini multi-national
  • Employs 250 people
  • Sells its product in more than 20 countries
  • Experienced very rapid growth since 2005
comvita stressing the positive11
Comvita – stressing the positive
  • Survey revealed high workloads and stress levels
  • Wellness committee developed work-life programme
  • Formalised flexible working options
  • Focus on community
  • On-site pilates class
  • Support for sports teams
comvita stressing the positive12
Comvita – stressing the positive
  • Improved recruitment outcomes
  • High retention levels
  • Healthy, happy, committed staff

“Healthier, happier people are bound to be more committed and productive.”

CEO Brett Hewlett

vero case study 1
Vero: Case study 1
  • Female employee; late 30’s, 3 young children
  • Senior Underwriting & Risk Executive
  • Works from home Monday & Friday
  • Flexible start / finish times; ½ hour lunch break
  • Tracks time on timesheet
  • Access Anywhere accesses system using home wireless broadband
vero case study 2
Vero: Case study 2
  • Male employee; early 60’s
  • Risk Surveyor
  • Works Tuesday – Friday but flexible depending on business demands
  • Typical day combines working from home, off site and in the office
  • Laptop main office tool
vero case study 3
Vero: Case study 3
  • Female Claims Consultant; late 50’s
  • Struggled with hours & public transport following surgery
  • Works from home Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Wednesday in the office
  • Phone line installed – clients ring office and phone diverts
  • Access Anywhere tool excellent
mike foster express couriers
Mike Foster – Express Couriers
  • Winner of Walk the Talk Award, EEOTrust Work & Life Awards 2008
  • Strong supporter of diversity
  • Addressed issues related to domestic violence and absenteeism
transfield services communicating with new migrants
Transfield Services – communicating with new migrants
  • Needed 200 new technicians from the Philippines
  • Thorough induction recognised cultural and language differences
  • Introduction to kiwi English

No drama – that’s not a big problem

Sure thing – Yes I’ll do it

Tough – So you may not like it but that’s the way it is

Rough as guts – A job that lacks attention to details

Pike out – To withdraw

Hang about – To wait around

Stoked – Feeling really good about something

ageing workforce addressing oh s issues
Ageing workforce – addressing OH&S issues
  • By 2012/13 the percentage of workers aged 55+ will increase from 18% to 21%
  • Nearly 24% more workers aged 55+ than currently
  • Strategies to avoid health and safety problems and encourage commitment and productivity, especially amongst older people:
    • Flexible working options
    • Job share
    • Job redesign
how the eeo trust can work with you
How the EEO Trust can work with you
  • Diversity practitioners’ forums
  • Tailored research and information
  • Meetings and presentations for members
  • EEO Library resources
  • Newsletters, publications, toolkits
  • Additional resources available fromwww.eeotrust.org.nz