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OAGi Convergence Initiatives

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OAGi Convergence Initiatives. Enterprise. Business Unit 2. Business Unit 1. Business Unit n. Supplier. Customer. Integration Back Bone. Business Issues. Need for Fully Integrated Enterprise. CRM. ERP. CRM. ERP. Enterprise Business Object. Billing. Shipping. Billing. Shipping.

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business issues


BusinessUnit 2

BusinessUnit 1

BusinessUnit n



Integration Back Bone

Business Issues

Need for Fully Integrated Enterprise

business issues1





Enterprise Business Object





Business Issues

Canonical Data Model to integrate heterogeneous environment

  • Growth through acquisition. Need to integrate business units
  • Information is fragmented across stovepipes of applications
  • Processes are application-driven, inconsistent and inefficient
  • Integrations are point-to-point interfaces and difficult and costly to change
edi views
EDI Views
  • EDI is not disappearing soon
  • 1st Generation B2B
  • Suited mainly for big companies
  • Still largest B2B environment
  • Organizations generally don’t remove systems that work
xml has arrived
XML has Arrived
  • XML is a successor to EDI
  • XML defines the data as it is being transmitted
  • XML is technology neutral
  • More powerful capabilities for integration
  • Emerging tools supporting it
  • Too many standards: ACORD, ARTS, CIDX, GS/1, HR-XML, OAGIS, PIDX, RosettaNet, SWIFT, IFX, TWIST . . .
  • No single Über Language and may never be
  • Look at EDI : X-12, EDIFACT, VDA, TRADACOMS, Galia, Odette, . . .
convergence trends
Convergence Trends

Business language standards are maturing

Most of the ones that will be successful, are successful

Solution Providers are getting proactive and targeting their investments

Moving forward, some level of consolidation makes sense

UN/CEFACT technologies give people common ground

convergence initiatives
Convergence Initiatives



STAR – Technology Standards for Automotive

AIAG – Automotive Industry Action Group

Financial Harmonization (ISO20022 and Swift)

HR-XML – Human Resources

ISA S95 - Manufacturing

WBF – World Batch Forum

CIDX – Chemical Industry Data Exchange

MSCI – Steel Industry

PDES, Inc – STEP Standard

ARTS – Retail Point of Sale

EIC – Enterprise Interoperability Center

EIDX – High Tech North America

EDIFICE – High Tech Europe

commitment to uncefact methodologies
Commitment to UNCEFACT Methodologies
  • The OAGi Board of Directors is committed to support and participate in the UNCEFACT Core Components efforts
  • OAGIS 9.0 and future releases will incorporate Core Component technologies
core components the idea
Core Components, The Idea
  • Sponsored by the United Nations
  • Defines the basis for building business languages.
  • Encourages all business languages to be based on same concepts.
why did oagi adopt core components
Why Did OAGi Adopt Core Components?

Enables all business languages to be based on same concepts and building blocks.

Will increase interoperability within supply chains

Will increase interoperability across supply chains

Excellent base for OAGIS convergence initiatives

An implementation of ISO 11179

Creates common re-usable building blocks

Conceptual Data Constructs – Core Components

Reusable logical/physical Data Constructs – called BIEs

Core Data Types, i.e. for “Amount, Code, Measure, and Quantity”

Based on Semantic Definitions

Clear rules on how to define semantics to explain what items mean

Uses a Context Mechanism that controls how data constructs vary depending on the context

e.g. By business process, business process role, industry, country/region, etc. 

Syntax neutral

Can be used to define business documents OR business objects/databases

Provides the heavy lifting for syntax specific representations

Artifacts identified in a registry to maximize visibility and reuse


Data Type




Data Model:Core Components




Logical Data Models:BIE’s


Seller_ Party

Buyer_ Party

Seller_ Identifier

Buyer_ Identifier

Legal_ Address

Home_ Address



Fax_ Communication

Telephone_ Communication

Software Vendors Adoption of UN/CEFACT

SAP – Solving the problem: CCTS













Software Vendors Adoption of UN/CEFACT

Oracle Enterprise Business Objects

Standardized Service Payloads

Based on semantics and open


  • Based on Open Standards
    • OAGIS
    • XACML
    • WS-Addressing
  • Rationalized against Oracle Applications
  • Extensible and Upgradeable

Oracle Enterprise Business Messages

Oracle Enterprise Business Objects


Oracle Applications

(eBusiness Suite, Enterprise)

Industry Standards



oagi core components focus
OAGi Core Components Focus
  • Naming and Design Rules 3.0
  • Core Components Technical Specification (CCTS) 3.0
  • Data Type Catalog
  • Context Methodology (if ready)
oagis and financial convergence
OAGIS and Financial Convergence
  • Part of ISO20022, known as UNIFI
  • Driving for convergence in financial transactions
  • MoU participants include SWIFT, TWIST, IFX, OAGi
  • Phase 1
    • Credit Transfer Message
    • Debit Transfer Message
    • Delivered in OAGIS 9
  • Phase 2
    • Statements
    • Still in development
oagi signs an mou with the enterprise interoperability centre
OAGi signs an MOU with the Enterprise Interoperability Centre
  • EIC is a deliverable of the Integrated Project ATHENA a European collaborative research Project
  • The EIC is an open, neutral, and independent organization, serving as a common and inclusive platform that adds value to its members, to the interoperability stakeholders, and to the established and ongoing work of existing standards development organizations.
oagis and hr xml convergence1
OAGIS and HR-XML Convergence
  • HR-XML 3.0 is planned for 2009
  • It is a next-gen body of work
  • It will provide consistent documentation of supported integration scenarios across the HR-XML library.
  • Leveraging the Open Applications Group’s Business Object Document (BODs) architecture for HR-XML message design.
  • Leveraging OAGIS architecture provides consistency to the HR-XML library and improves interoperability across industries.
how we got together
How we got together

OAGIS & ISA-SP95 Convergence

  • SAP Process standards evaluation
    • ISA SP95 / B2MML
  • SAP Discrete standards evaluation
    • OAGIS
oagis isa sp95 convergence activities
OAGIS & ISA-SP95 Convergence Activities
  • Detailed analysis of OAGIS and B2MML
  • Agreement to start by mapping from Production Performance to ConfirmWIP
  • Found mapping difficult
  • Not a one to one
  • Overlaps and Underlaps
  • Decided to ask for OAGIS version of ISA-95 for easier mapping
p2b convergence team study results and conclusions
P2B Convergence Team Study Results and Conclusions
  • ISA-95/B2MML terminology and models are excellent for process industries
  • ISA-95 standards and object models are easy to understand
  • ISA-95 Standards provide
    • Terminology, abstract models and transactions
p2b convergence team results and conclusions
P2B Convergence Team Results and Conclusions
  • The OAGIS standard includes Enterprise, Commerce and Manufacturing functionality
  • Manufacturing functionality is primarily discrete
  • Large install base in discrete manufacturing
  • Large install base in over 40 countries and over 30 industries
p2b convergence team results and conclusions1







P2B Convergence Team Results and Conclusions
  • We need a solution for process, discrete, and mixed mode manufacturing
the customer benefits
The Customer Benefits
  • OAGi is building the ISA-95 Data Model into the OAGIS standard to provide a broader solution for OAGIS users.
  • OAGIS is sharing their data model with ISA-95
  • Through the development of BODs based on the ISA-95 data model, we have greatly enabled the user to map between OAGIS and B2MML, providing greater ease of interoperability.
newest oagis collaborations
Newest OAGIS Collaborations
  • Retail - ARTS
    • Strong in POS, building enterprise connection
    • Standards study
    • Gap Analysis
    • Mapping to start
    • Considering BOD Architecture
    • Retail to Enterprise
  • STEP – Engineering
    • ISO Standard
    • Standards study
    • Gap Analysis
    • Mapping to start
    • Considering BOD Architecture
    • Engineering to Enterprise
oagis engagement models
OAGIS Engagement Models
  • Legacy
    • Existing standard, using OAGIS technology
  • Collaborative
    • Business Engagement, OAGi as Partner
  • Integrated
    • High Tech, Chemical industry
    • OAGi Council, OAGIS base standard
  • OAGi as User
    • OAGi members and staff as users, builders
oagi engagement model
OAGi Engagement model

OAGi President

Executive Committee

Policy Board

Architecture Council

OAGIS Messaging


  • Partner Council
  • HR/XML
  • AIAG
  • STAR

Industry Council

Industry Council

Industry Council

Industry Council

Industry Council

Expanding Use and Integration

what others get from the oagi business partnership
What others get from the OAGi Business Partnership
  • Standards Governance Processes
  • Intellectual Property Policy
  • Standards Development Process
  • Standards Distribution Capabilities
  • Standards Release and Management Experience
what others get from the oagi technical partnership
What others get from the OAGi Technical Partnership
  • OAGIS Platform
  • UN/CEFACT Core Components
  • OAGIS BOD Library Reuse
  • OAGIS Architecture
  • Solution Provider Support
  • Broad cross industry adoption base
collaboration trends
Collaboration Trends
  • Cross Supply Chain
  • B2B to Enterprise
  • Plant to Enterprise
  • HR to Enterprise
  • Retail to Enterprise
  • Engineering to Enterprise
summary convergence in industry standards
Summary - Convergence in Industry Standards
  • Manufacturing
    • OAGIS
  • Finance
    • ISO20022
  • Vertical Processes
    • ACORD, ARTS, HL7
end result a business standards federation
End Result – A Business Standards Federation

We all use common UN/CEFACT methodologies implemented by OAGIS

OAGIS adds the horizontal business processes and data

Others addresses vertical processes within the OAGIS framework

We share component libraries

We share data models where possible

We share common methodologies and technology base

HR-XML Processes

ISA – S95 Industry Process

OAGIS Platform for industry convergence

UN/CEFACT Technologies

OAGIS Platform

. . .

OAGIS Horizontal Processes

STAR Industry Processes

AIAG Industry Process