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Pia-first offers the best Technical Analysis London, UK Technical Analysis charts and a community of investors who are passionate about sharing trade ideas.\nhttp://pia-first.co.uk/\n

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PIA First look to predict and react to

market moves

Open an account now and enjoy access to professional Technical Analysis UK

incorporating Trade Ideas in Forex, Commodities, Equity Indices and Fixed Income

Futures prepared by our experienced team of analysts. For more detail please visit

our website.


Our Methodology

• Each of our expert analysts covers multiple asset classes - Forex, Equity

Indices, Commodities and Fixed Income - and applies technical analysis

methods that are appropriate to each asset type: The techniques that can

be applied to Equity Indices may not work for spot FX. Therefore the

analysis method used by each analyst has the same overall objective which

is met by using slightly different techniques. Additionally, at PIA First we

'overlay' our own unique bespoke system which highlights areas of support

and resistance, essential knowledge when trading any market.

• Technical analysis UK is the study of price and volume with the sole aim of

forecasting future price movements. Our analysis reports look at these

variables together with various indicators, which are mathematical

transformations of price, in order to verify whether a market is trending or

trading; is controlled by willing buyers or anxious sellers; is subdued or has

over-reacted. We identify areas of support and resistance, trend lines,

patterns and other variables. We deliver you all this information in our easy

to read report along with a clear, actionable trading strategy based on our

analytical views.

For more detail please click here.

Pia-First’s Awards

Since 2000, PIA-first has won eight industry awards. We are winners of the Technical Analyst

2009 "Best FX Technical strategy service as voted by a panel of industry professionals and

chosen from a shortlist of more than 20 research houses and departments.

In addition, PIA-first has won 4 Euro money awards and 3 top ranking positions in the

Thomson Financial survey.

The Technical Analyst Awards are the only awards devoted to UK Technical Analysis research

and trading software for the institutional market.

For more detail please click here.

Our services

• Growth:- As the Financial Market UK appeal grew on a global stage, PIA

managers, highlighted a need to expand into the retail environment.

• Next steps: - The following year, after a board of directors' reshuffle, Ian

found himself at the helm of the business and hired Steve O'Hare, to assist in the

continuing success of the company. Steve's expertise in the world of trading has

proven a valuable asset in the progress of the business and in the structure of PIA-

First today.

• Vision: - As well as the new education resource, which will be taking

shape over the coming weeks and months, PIA-First's analysis incorporates

education within all of their predictive reports. Our multi-language

capabilities and additional time zoned ideas will allow a more global reach

as the company looks to appeal to a wider audience.

• For more detail please click here.