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CIS-100. Chapter 6—Backgrounds, Borders, and Text Effects. Chapter Objectives. After successful completion of this chapter you will be able to: Add a custom watermark to printed documents. Add a colorful background to Web-based documents.

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Chapter 6—Backgrounds, Borders, and Text Effects

chapter objectives
Chapter Objectives

After successful completion of this chapter you will be able to:

  • Add a custom watermark to printed documents.
  • Add a colorful background to Web-based documents.
  • Add defining borders to pages, paragraphs, pictures, or tables.
  • Use shading to emphasize headings or paragraphs.
  • Give color and snap to shapes and tables.
  • Make headings more professional with text effects and WordArt.

A watermark conveys something important about a document. They can be illustrated through text, as shown above, or through pictures or graphics. Watermarks are typically semitransparent in color and appear to sit behind the content of a document. This way they don't divert a reader's attention from the document's content.

add a watermark to a document
Add a Watermark to a Document

Watermarks can be found on the Page Layout Tab

viewing a watermark
Viewing a Watermark

Once a watermark is inserted, you can see it in

  • Print layout view
  • Print preview
  • The printed document
creating a picture watermark
Creating a Picture Watermark
  • On the Page Layout tab click Watermark to open the gallery.
  •  Click Custom Watermark at the bottom of the gallery.
  •  Click Picture watermark and select your picture. Use any image on your computer or clip art in the Microsoft Clip Organizer.
adding a background to a web document
Adding a Background to a Web Document
  • The first example uses a gradient background that has two colors, a lighter and darker green.
  • The second uses a texture that has a marbling effect. Woodgrains are another option for textures.
  • The last is an example of a two-colored diamond pattern. Stripes, dots, and checkerboards are some other patterns available.
add borders shading and styles
Add Borders, Shading, and Styles

Word gives you many ways to professionalize many types of documents.

  • Apply page borders for results ranging from playful to business-sharp.
  • For pictures, add new style effects, such as shadows and reflections, or simple borders.
  • Emphasize whole paragraphs with background shading and borders.
  • Choose from new table styles that instantly add color and various types of formatting.
  • Give flair to shapes with Word’s new styles and fill effects.
coordinating colors
Coordinating Colors

When you add decorative accents to your documents you'll want the colors you use to complement each other. Word 2007 includes ColorThemes that you can select for their color combinations so that all your page accents work well together.

Color themes are located on the Page Layout tab under the Color drop down menu.

page borders
Page Borders

Word provides a variety of built-in page borders, from businesslike to fancy. You can choose and modify:

  • The type of overall border, from a simple box to a shadowed box. Or from a 3-D box to a custom style of your own design.
  • The line style, color, and thickness.
  • The artistic style, which can be fun if your document is informal, or a more specific style that can be tied to a special occasion, business event, or holiday.
adding borders to pictures text and tables
Adding Borders to Pictures, Text, and Tables

The methods for adding borders vary depending on what you're adding a border to. For a picture, Word 2007 offers a whole new set of picture styles that include borders as well as effects such as reflections and shading. You find these styles by selecting the picture and then working with the Picture Tools on the Ribbon.


The shading options are in the same place as border options: Page Layout tab under Page Borders.

applying quick styles to tables
Applying Quick Styles to Tables

You can apply a table style by selecting the table in the document and working with Table Tools on the Ribbon.

applying quick styles to shapes
Applying Quick Styles to Shapes

As with tables, whole packages of finished styles are available to give color and instant finish to circles, arrows, text boxes, and myriad other shapes.

using special text effects
Using Special Text Effects

Text effects can include:

  • A dropped capital letter used at the start of a document or beginning of a new chapter.
  • Text effects that make letters stand out, such as embossing, engraving, and shadowing.
  • WordArt formatting which makes a heading or other text flashy and bold.
create a drop cap
Create a Drop Cap

Select the letter you want to turn into a drop cap, and click Drop Cap on the Insert tab. The drop cap sits in a text box, and you can apply any text formatting to it. The illustration above shows examples of different fonts you might use.

adding word art
Adding Word Art

You create WordArt by typing the text you want to style in a WordArt editing dialog box (opened from the Insert tab). Once WordArt is applied, you treat the affected text somewhat like a picture. You click to select it, and use the WordArt Tools that are available. These tools have several various formatting options.