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My Sister, Dolley Madison Historical Fiction

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My Sister, Dolley Madison Historical Fiction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Sister, Dolley Madison Historical Fiction. Week 2.

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the war that began with great britain two years ago has now reached our doorstep at the beginning of the summer, british troops began to advance on our nations capital. As we now approach the end of august 1814 british soldiers have taken over washington. The White House, home to my sister dolley and president james Madison, her husband has been set afire. with her determined spirit Dolley has been a true heroine?

Capitals – 12

Apostrophe - 1

Comma - 3

Period – 2


Week 2 - Monday

On august 22, president madison my brother-in-law left the capital to review our troops. The british moved swiftly to take Washington during his absence. on the 23rd, dolley packed important documents into trunks that were carted out of the city. Next, she sent the White house silver to the Bank of maryland for safekeeping. when dolley herself finally escaped she carried little more than the portrait of president Washington

Capitals – 11

Comma – 3

Period – 1


Week 2 - Tuesday

dolley has been an inspiring example of bravery and patriotism for our nation. More than ever before I find myself bursting with pride at her accomplishments. dolley was already known for her gift of bringing together politicians and diplomats from opposing sides at her popular, festive gatherings. how wonderful it would be if only our conflict with great britain could be resolved at one of dolleys famous social evenings?

Capitals – 6

Apostrophe -1

Comma 1

Exclamation - 1


Week 2 - Wednesday

When will this war be over. it seems there is no end in sight yet we must find a way to reach an agreement with great britain. After there dreadful looting and burning of our beloved capital city it is hard to imagine making piece with the british. If ever there has been a leader prepared to meet the difficult demands of wartime negotiation it is President Madison with dolleys loyal support I am confident that he shall lead our nation to peace

Capitals – 6

Apostrophe – 1

Comma – 4

Period – 2

Question – 1

Spelling - 2


Week 2 - Thursday

you write
You Write

Continue the account by Dolley Madison’s sisiter by writing one paragraph telling about the damage to the White House or the capital city as her sister might have described it to her . Use one of the following topic sentences:

  • Dolley was heartbroken when she returned home to her looted city.
  • Dolley has written of devastating events in the capital city.

Week 2 - Friday