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Lim He Kai | Poon Weng Shern | Snowden Chang | Wee Xian Bin. Manifesto2011. Sustainable Development in Singapore. less resources for more productivity in shortest time. minimal pollution. preserving greenery heritage environment. Cleanliness. Efficiency. Green.

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Lim he kai poon weng shern snowden chang wee xian bin

Lim He Kai | PoonWengShern | Snowden Chang | Wee Xian Bin


Sustainable development in singapore
Sustainable Development in Singapore

less resources


more productivity


shortest time










Sustainable Development

ensure it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Widening income gap
Widening Income Gap

percentage of population earning less than S$1000 a month

(16% to 18%)

percentage of population earning more than S$8000 a month

(4.7% to 6%)

Gini coefficient measuring income inequality

(42.5 to 47.2)

Philippines: 46.1 | Guatemala: 48.3 | China: 44.7

The richest 10% of Singaporeans earn up to 17 times as much as the poorest 10% of Singaporeans

  • The gap has widened significantly

Aims of manifesto2011
Aims of Manifesto2011

  • TO AFFIRMour willingness to strive for greater improvement and hence by extension development of Singapore in the economics sector.

  • TO ENSUREthat a sustainable level of development is reached in Singapore, for the benefit of future generations to come.

  • TO EXPEDITEthe reduction of the poverty gap in Singapore with the aim of raising the economical vibrancy of the nation.

  • TO STRIVE FORthe betterment of Singapore’s HDI ranking to within top 20 with a score of above 0.87 within the next 5 years.

  • TO GAIN ACKNOWLEDGEMENTthat the way to developing Singapore is through the reduction of the poverty gap and across-the-board general increase in Singaporean nationals’ income through a specific skills upgradingprogramme.

Aspects of manifesto2011
Aspects of Manifesto2011


  • This proposal will

    • help the country in achieving greater economic standings and vibrancy

    • yield better profits in almost all sectors

    • give way to increased affluence

    • lead to better quality of life, education, and in general, development of Singapore


  • Not just within the economic frame of mind…

  • Education & Healthcare will also be improved

    • the government will now have more money for such services

    • with more money and hence investments


  • However, the scheme will still not be perfect

    • negative flaws still exists

    • new problems may arise

  • but no scheme is perfect & this change will reduce flaws of previous schemes to a minimum

    • improving lifestyle & income of financially strapped families

Therefore with this proposal,

Singapore will be aided in its development.



The end

The End.