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Skidmore Department of Campus Safety

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Skidmore Department of Campus Safety. FIRE/SAFETY STUDENT ORIENTATION. Topics for Discussion. Departmental Mission Who We Are Services Provided Personal Safety Issues Policies Motor Vehicle Substance Abuse. Our Mission.

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skidmore department of campus safety

Skidmore Department of Campus Safety


topics for discussion
Topics for Discussion
  • Departmental Mission
  • Who We Are
  • Services Provided
  • Personal Safety Issues
  • Policies
    • Motor Vehicle
    • Substance Abuse
our mission
Our Mission
  • To promote a safe and secure educational environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors.
  • To provide proactive service to the community and enhance the quality of life at Skidmore.
  • To enforce the policies of the College to achieve the institution’s educational objectives.
  • Enforce College Rules
  • Cooperate with Local Authorities
  • Collaboration with Res Life
  • Focus on Quality of Life Issues
    • Broken Windows Theory
    • Personal Responsibilities
    • Building Cooperative Relations

Bike Patrol

Battery Jump Start

Operation ID

Bike Registration

CPR/AED Instruction

Fire & Personal Safety Programs

Defensive Driving

“TIPS” Line (8477)

“SNOW” Line (7669)

Safety Alerts

Mounted Patrol

Community Policing


emergency contact info
Emergency Contact Info
  • Campus Safety Office – 24/7/365 X5566
  • Emergency Numbers
    • 580-5566 – We answer and will know your location
    • 911 – SSPD answers and we will respond to your location
    • Cellular 911 – NYSP answers & calls SSPD
    • ICE – Cell phone – (In Case of Emergency) Enter # of closest contact person as “ICE” so they can be contacted
tips snow lines
“TIPS” &”SNOW” Lines



personal responsibility safety tips some dos and don ts
Personal Responsibility, Safety Tips & Some Dos and Don’ts
  • Personal responsibility is up to you
  • Actions have consequences
  • If you want to be treated like an adult…
  • You have a shared responsibility
crime triangle
Crime Triangle




emergency phones equipment
Blue Safety Lights – throughout campus


Emergency phones should work during power outages

We call to check

Refuge Areas (See sign)

Located by stairwells – go into stairwell

Go there if you can’t get down stairs

Call Campus Safety if possible

Evacuation Chairs

Used by trained personnel



Tower, JKB, Palamountain, Library

Emergency Phones/Equipment

Fire Safety Tips

  •       Know the location of fire alarms and practice using your fire exit
  •       DO NOT tamper with fire alarms or extinguishers. (IT’S A CRIME)
  •       Keep flammable materials away from all heat sources
  •       DO NOT overload electrical circuits
  •       DO NOT smoke in bed
  •       DO NOT store any highly combustible material in you room
  •       Halogen lamps are prohibited
  •       Candles, incense and open flames are prohibited.

What To Do In The Event Of A Fire

  • FEEL THE DOOR FOR HEAT: If the metal knobs or door are hot:
    • DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR: Go to a window and call for help
    • DO NOT JUMP: our doors and walls are fire rated to survive a lone time
    • KEEP LOW TO THE GROUND: There is more fresh air
  • If you CAN exit your room: Close the door behind you, pull a fire alarm if you pass one and go to the predetermined roll call location.
  • DO NOT USE ELEVATORS to exit a building.
facts to ponder
Fact: 80% of campus crimes are student on student.

Fact: 90% of crimes of violence are related to alcohol & drug abuse.

Fact: Over 80% of women who were raped knew their victim.

Fact: Drivers under 21 are 3X more likely to be involved in alcohol related fatalities

Fact: You can limit your vulnerability to crime.

Facts to Ponder
Travel in groups when possible

Become familiar with surroundings

Lock your doors & carry your keys at all times

Report loss immediately

Use Designated Drivers

Produce your ID when requested

Stay in well lighted areas

Lock your vehicles at all times

Have a plan & Let others know it (TELL SOMEONE WHERE YOU ARE GOING!)

Use positive peer pressure on others

Keep a record of important info – credit cards, serial numbers, etc.

Attend parties with friends you trust and leave with them

Protect your drinks from “date rape” and other drugs

MAKE A SCENE – if you feel threatened or pressured

Be wary of suspicious people and things…and REPORT THEM!

don t
  • Prop Doors
    • Laziness will compromise safety
    • Severe consequences may result
  • Damage Property
    • Vandalism, recklessness
      • $36,000+/year
    • Graffiti
    • This is HOME! Respect it!
don t1
  • Tamper with alarms and safety equipment
    • Your actions may well cause injuries
    • Criminal sanctions may result
  • Give personal information to strangers
  • Be careful of Web info
    • “Face Book”, “My Space”
substance abuse on colleges results in
90% of sexual assaults

80% of vandalism on campus

66% of fatal car crashes

55% of arrests

41% of assaults

38% of academic failures

40% of academic problems

28% of dropouts

Physical and emotional deterioration

Substance Abuse On Colleges Results In…
sexual assault
Sexual Assault
  • Facts
    • 75% of males and 55% of females involved in “date rape” were drinking or using drugs
    • 85% of women who are raped knew their assailant
    • 57% of the rapes occurred on a date
    • Less than 5% of rape victims report the incident to college authorities
prevent unwanted sexual behavior
Set your limits NOW and convey them early

Avoid compromising situations

Leave yourself an out

Never force or be forced to have sex

No means “NO”

Substance abuse increases the danger

Reporting Options






Prevent Unwanted Sexual Behavior
motor vehicle policy
Motor Vehicle Policy
  • Register your vehicle
  • New Traffic Pattern (One Way)
  • Parking
    • Park and walk
    • Handicap spaces
  • Violations
    • >3 = “boot”
  • Snow Removal
    • Check Schedule – print it out
    • Two Day procedure
    • “SNOW” Line 7669