Systems of care f amily c entered s upports and s ervices
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SYSTEMS OF CARE F amily C entered S upports and S ervices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SYSTEMS OF CARE F amily C entered S upports and S ervices. Joyce Calland & Teresa Reed-McGlashan Tammy Payton, OFCF fiscal July 2012. STATE PARTNERS PARTICIPATING TODAY: Tina Evans, ODODD Kim Kehl, ODYS Terry Jones, ODMH Kristie Rampe, ODADAS. Purpose.

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Systems of care f amily c entered s upports and s ervices

SYSTEMS OF CARE Family Centered Supports and Services

Joyce Calland & Teresa Reed-McGlashan

Tammy Payton, OFCF fiscal

July 2012

Systems of care f amily c entered s upports and s ervices


  • To review portions of the SFY13 FCSS Guidance

    • Allowable expenditures with new definitions for service/support categories

    • Clarifying the Semi-Annual and Annual Reports

    • Highlighting what is new this year.

Social security act title iv b funds
Social Security Act-Title IV-B Funds

  • 75% SSA IV-B funds

    • CDFA # is 93.556. 

  • 25% State General Revenue Funds Match

    • ODMH

    • ODADAS

    • ODYS

    • ODODD

Fund disbursement
Fund Disbursement

  • Assurance Statement

  • NOSA

  • RAR Form for 25% Advance

  • After that, limited to one RAR per quarter for Reimbursement

Request for advance or reimbursement form
Request for Advance or Reimbursement Form

  • Appendix D

  • (Actual form with instructions posted at:

  • Used to request Advance or Reimbursement

Systems of care f amily c entered s upports and s ervices

Allowable &

Non-Allowable Expenses

Promote the stability and well being of children and families
Promote the Stability and Well-being of Children and Families

Yes Community-Based Services

No out-of-home placements

IV-B Federal Funds (approx 75%)

No cannot use to match federal funds

State General Revenue Match (approx 25%)

Allowable Families

  • Non-clinical in-home parent/child coaching;  

  • Non-clinical parent support groups;

  • Parent education;

  • Mentoring;

  • Respite care (including summer camp);

  • Transportation (ie. Cab/taxi fares, gas vouchers);

  • Social/recreational activities;

  • Safety and adaptive equipment;

  • Structured activities to improve family functioning;

  • Parent advocacy;

  • Service coordination

Non allowable
Non-Allowable Families

  • Out of home placements;

  • Court related expenses;

  • Administrative or operating expenses;

  • Federal match;

  • Clinical interventions

  • Medical services and equipment;

  • General programs costs

  • Food, clothing, shelter, utilities, and/or household expenses;

  • Classroom instruction or any required public education cost or responsibility;

  • Family and work related childcare

Systems of care f amily c entered s upports and s ervices

Reporting Families

Reports due
Reports Due Families

Report guidance
Report Guidance Families

  • Capturing data for those in FCFC Service Coordination and using FCSS funds

  • Presenting needs at intake

  • Number of children in age categories

    3. Number of Families Served

    4. Services and Supports

    • Non-Clinical In-Home Parent/Child Coaching

    • Parent Education

    • Mentoring

    • Transportation

    • Social/Recreational Supports

    • Structured Activities to Improve Family Functioning

    • Non-clinical Parent Support Groups

    • Respite

    • Safety and Adaptive Equipment

    • Parent Advocacy

    • Service Coordination


      5. Had no Primary Care Physician - NEW

Fcss report guidance
FCSS Report Guidance Families

Questions #6-9 are only requested on the Annual Report

  • Family Advocate

  • Out-of-Home Placements

  • Families Exited

  • Families Exited with 75%-100% of goals successfully completed; or 100% of goals successfully completed

Fcss tracking spreadsheet
FCSS Tracking Spreadsheet Families

Optional tracking tool to aid counties in tracking FCSS data over the fiscal year

Tracking spreadsheet is available on OFCF website at:

Summary Families

  • Funds are a mix of state and federal funding

    • Both must be spent in accordance with federal rules

  • The reports are designed to capture data for families receiving FCSS funds only

    • We know there are many other families being served through the county SCM

Resources Families

  • FCSS Guidance

  • FCSS Tracking Spreadsheet

  • FCSS Questions and Answers


For future questions contact your regional coordinator or for fiscal questions contact tammy payton
For future Questions, Contact Your Regional Coordinator or for fiscal questions, contact Tammy Payton.