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AASHTO Highway Subcommittee on Construction 2009 Summer Meeting Chicago, IL. FHWA UPDATE. Butch Wlaschin Director, Office of Asset Management Federal Highway Administration. Recent Losses to the FHWA Family. Jim Sorenson Vince Barone. Presentation Overview. New Administration

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Presentation Transcript
Fhwa update

AASHTO Highway Subcommittee on Construction

2009 Summer Meeting

Chicago, IL


Butch Wlaschin

Director, Office of Asset Management

Federal Highway Administration

Recent losses to the fhwa family
Recent Losses to the FHWA Family

  • Jim Sorenson

  • Vince Barone

Fhwa update 1347536

Presentation Overview

  • New Administration

  • Update on Recovery Act and Reauthorization

  • Construction Program Evaluations

  • Domestic and International Scans

  • Other FHWA Programs & Initiatives

New administration
New Administration

  • Victor Mendez, ADOT – Former AASHTO President

  • Greg Nadeau, Maine DOT – Director of Policy

  • New Public Affairs

  • New Chief Counsel


  • House very active – $500B – 6 year bill

  • Senate more inclined to get an 18 month extension with no changes

  • Both have passed and sent to WH $7B stop gap provision

  • WH – Administration proposal looking for an 18 month extension with program changes

Recovery act update
Recovery Act Update

  • 64% money obligated

  • As of May 31, FHWA reported 4,798 full time equivalent jobs

  • 400% Increase from March and April

  • $35/hour average pay

Recovery act update1
Recovery Act Update

  • 2,406 projects under construction

  • Roughly 2/3 of ARRA funds spent on maintenance and preservation projects.

  • David Winter will fill you in next

Recovery act competitive procedures s 1554
Recovery Act Competitive Procedures S. 1554

  • All contracts must be awarded through competitive procedures

  • Exceptions must be reported to the Recovery and Accountability and Transparency Board and posted on their web site (example public agency force account approval under 23 CFR 635.204)

Recovery act buy america provisions
Recovery Act Buy America Provisions

  • Due to the Applicability of Title 23 Requirements in Title XII, there will be no changes in our BA implementation for ARRA projects

Recovery act buy america provisions1
Recovery Act Buy America Provisions

  • FHWA’s BA statutory provisions in 23 USC 313 and our regulatory policies in 23 CFR 635.410 apply.

  • Notifications of waivers will be posted on the FHWA  Buy America Waiver web site and published in the Federal Register.

Recovery act davis bacon requirements
Recovery ActDavis Bacon Requirements

  • Davis Bacon will apply to all ARRA projects (the existing exclusion for local roads and rural minor collectors will not apply).

Recovery act davis bacon requirements1
Recovery ActDavis Bacon Requirements

  • This is the result of the “Notwithstanding any other provision of law and in a manner consistent with other provisions of this Act…” language in Section 1606.

Fhwa update 1347536

Key Risk Areas

Local Public Agency (LPA) Oversight

PS&E Quality

Contract Administration

Indian Reservation Roads Program

Quality Assurance

DBE Program

Eligibility/Improper Payments

Achievement of Program Goals

Recovery ActRisk Management Plan

Recovery act risk management plan
Recovery Act Risk Management Plan

Not Business as Usual

  • Division Office Oversight

  • National Oversight

  • Communication and Education

  • Sharing Risk with Partners

  • Measures and Monitoring

  • Reassessment and Feedback

Fhwa update 1347536

Construction Program Evaluations

An Update -

  • Steering group established in July 2008 to lead planning efforts

  • Draft Evaluation Guide developed for 6 focus areas

    • Staffing, Pre-Construction, Contract Admin., Quality, Safety and Process Improvement

Fhwa update 1347536

Construction Program Evaluations

An Update -

  • Future Actions

    • Develop SOP’s, establish evaluation teams, training and identify pilot State(s) to evaluate

  • CPE’s vs. ARRA National Reviews

    • How do they differ from one another?

Fhwa update 1347536

Construction Program Evaluations

Updated Timeline -

Sept 2009: Final Evaluation Guide

Fall 2009: SOP’s and finalized format

Fall 2009: Establish Evaluation Teams

Winter 2010: Conduct Team Training

Winter 2010: Identify CPE Pilot States

Spring 2010: Conduct 1st Pilot Evaluations

Summer 2010: Assessment of evaluation effort (first pilot efforts)

Fhwa update 1347536

2009 Domestic Scan ofAccelerated Construction Practices

  • AASHTO/ FHWA team conducted the scan in March 2009 with stops in FL, AL, TX, UT and CA

  • Purpose – To identify construction operational and management practices that support accelerated construction and project delivery

  • Scope – Evaluated practices in construction acceleration for emergency situations and a DOT program and planned project

  • Full scan report to be published in December 2009

Fhwa update 1347536

2008 International Right-of-Way and Utilities Scan

  • Purpose – Identify practices to better integrate right-of-way and utility activities into the project development and delivery processes

  • Key findings – “Alliance Contracting” approach; non-adversarial right-of-way acquisition; improved working relationship with utility industry at all levels.

  • Final report available at: http://international.fhwa.dot.gov/pubs/pl09011/

Work zone safety and mobility rule status
Work Zone Safety and Mobility Rule Status

  • All 52 States have fully met initial compliance requirements

    • Approved WZ policy, definition for significant projects, procedures for TMPs, training plan

  • Agencies should be implementing their WZ policy and procedures on all Federal-aid highway projects going to bid after October 12, 2007 unless a project exception was obtained

  • At the project level, observe and provide feedback on TMPs for process improvement

Temporary traffic control devices rule status
Temporary Traffic Control Devices Rule Status

  • The Final Rule on Temporary Traffic Control Devices was developed in response to section 1110 of SAFETEA-LU

  • - Decrease WZ fatalities and injuries

  • - Build on WZ Safety and Mobility Rule

  • - December 4, 2008 compliance date

Temporary traffic control devices rule status cont
Temporary Traffic Control Devices Rule Status (cont.)

  • 37 States currently in compliance

  • 15 States still in process of achieving full compliance – majority of these are close

Work zone rule implementation support
Work Zone Rule Implementation Support

  • FHWA continues to provide support for implementation

    • Process Review Toolbox – Now available at http://ops.fhwa.dot.gov/wz/prtoolbox/pr_toolbox.htm

    • Implementation Examples – Regularly adding new examples to our website www.fhwa.dot.gov/workzones

    • WZ Analysis Guides – New leaflet, a guide for decision-makers, and a guide for analysts now available at http://ops.fhwa.dot.gov/wz/traffic_analysis/index.htm

Work zone rule implementation support cont
Work Zone Rule Implementation Support (cont.)

  • WZ ITS Assessment Report and White Paper on Managing WZ Impacts with Technology – Now available at http://ops.fhwa.dot.gov/wz/its/index.htm

  • Training -http://ops.fhwa.dot.gov/wz/outreach/outreach.htm

    • NHI Advanced WZ Management and Design - available

    • FHWA Law Enforcement in WZs – available

    • WZ Safety Grants courses - available

Other resources
Other Resources

  • WZ Peer-to-Peer Program (http://ops.fhwa.dot.gov/wz/p2p/index.htm)

  • Office of Operations WZ website (http://ops.fhwa.dot.gov/wz/index.asp)

Fhwa update 1347536

Value Engineering Program

  • Regulatory update anticipated 2009-2010

  • Continued outreach and guidance

  • Promotion of successful practices

  • Defining success with VE Program

  • Value Engineering Change Proposals

  • FHWA’s VE Accomplishment Reports are available at: http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/ve/vereport.cfm

Fhwa update 1347536

Training Opportunities

  • National Highway Institute

    • www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov

  • Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TCCC)

    • http://www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov/tccc/

  • National Transportation Training Resources database

    • www.nttr.dot.gov

Fhwa update 1347536

Inspection of Bridge Rehabilitation Projects

Risk-based Cost Estimating for Major Projects (scheduled to be available in FY 2008)

Maintenance Leadership Academy

Environmental Factors in Construction & Maintenance Operations

New Training Courses in 2009

Fhwa update 1347536

Advanced Emulsion Technology for Pavement Preservation and Rehabilitation

Construction Engineers Academy

Free web-based training modules

New Training Courses in 2009

Fhwa update 1347536

National Highway Specification Website Rehabilitation

Web Site Improvements -

Updated Content

  • Standard specifications

  • Expanded alternative and emerging specifications

  • Construction Manuals

  • Links to standard plans

Fhwa update 1347536

National Highway Specification Website Rehabilitation

Web Site Improvements -

  • Improved Functionality

    • Administrative procedures

    • Enhanced search capabilities

  • Web-based training

    • Administrative procedures

    • 508 compliance


Additional topics
Additional Topics Rehabilitation

The use of federal-aid funds can now be used for conferences, NHI training, etc. were PDH’s/CEU’s are given

Thank you
Thank You Rehabilitation