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Conflict in Romantic Relationships Gwyneth Storm PowerPoint Presentation
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Conflict in Romantic Relationships Gwyneth Storm

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Conflict in Romantic Relationships Gwyneth Storm - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Conflict in Romantic Relationships Gwyneth Storm
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  1. Conflict in Romantic RelationshipsGwyneth Storm

  2. Contents • Basic Facts • The Science of Getting Along • Conflict Styles • Works Cited • Media Credits Media Credit 1

  3. The Basics of Conflict • Conflict is defined by our text, Communication Matters by Kory Floyd, as “an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources, and interference from the other party in achieving their goals.” Floyd, K. “Communication Matters.” Media Credit 2

  4. Conflicts may continue to get worse when not resolved. It is better to deal with the problem than to let it continue and possibly get worse. The Basics of Conflict • A conflict is more than a simple difference of opinion. During a conflict one or both people involved may feel threatened.

  5. The Basics of Conflict • Everyone responds to conflict differently. A person's response to a situation is more about perception than reality. Our perception is made up of our life experiences, values and culture. Media Credit 3

  6. Successfully navigating a conflict can increase trust in the relationship. It is important to view conflicts as milestones towards personal and/or relationship growth. The Basics of Conflict • Conflicts often stir up powerful emotions. A person who has a difficult time handling their feelings will probably have a difficult time handling conflict.

  7. The Science of Getting Along • Research suggests that an individual's personality traits have a great deal to do with how they get along in intimate relationships. Cialdini, R. “Social Psychology.” Media Credit 4

  8. Individuals who are generally extraverted and unconventional may have more difficulty maintaining a long-term relationship. Unconventional people may be more likely to adopt an unconventional approach to emotional and sexual behaviors- this may be troubling to a partner who desires stability. The Science of Getting Along Cialdini, R. “Social Psychology.”

  9. Self-control can be an indicator of relationship success. In general, people who have poor self-control are less likely to form successful long-term relationships. On the other hand, those who have a high degree of self-control may be more accommodating and thus more successful romantically. The Science of Getting Along Cialdini, R. “Social Psychology.”

  10. At the end of the day, the key indicator of how a person handles a conflict may come down to one thing: Is the person more concerned with their own needs or the needs of the other person involved? Conflict Styles Floyd, K. “Communication Matters”

  11. The degree to which one is concerned with each parties' needs helps “map” their approach to a conflict. • Five Main Approaches • Competing • Avoiding • Accommodating • Compromising • Collaborating Floyd,K. “Communication Matters.” Media Credit 5

  12. In Conclusion.....

  13. Cialdini, Robert, Kenrick, Douglas, Neuberg, Steven. “Social Psychology.” Pearson. Boston MA. 2010. “Conflict Resolution Skills.” 2011. Floyd, Kory. “Communication Matters.” McGraw-Hill. New York. 2011. Works Cited

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