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Talking Face to Face

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Talking Face to Face - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Session 1. Talking Face to Face. Being All Ears. Section I. Talking Face to Face. Lead in. Follow the Samples. Act out. Put in Use. Lead in. Warm-up Questions. The Shopping Ads And Tourism Ads. Lead in. Warm-up questions. 1. Do you like shopping?.

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Session 1

Talking Face to Face

Being All Ears


Section I

Talking Face to Face

Lead in

Follow the Samples

Act out

Put in Use


Lead in

Warm-up Questions

The Shopping Ads And Tourism Ads


Lead in

Warm-up questions

1. Do you like shopping?

2. Have you ever done shopping online?

3. Do you enjoy traveling? Why?


Lead in

Shopping and travel advertisements are all the way with us. They provide useful information for people to know what to buy and where to go. Now let’s try to use the ads below to practice two short dialogues.


Follow the Samples

Warm-up Questions

Sample 1

Sample 2


Warm-up Questions

1. What questions do you often ask when doing shopping?

    • What size, please?
    • How do you like this design?
    • Is there a discount?
    • Is it easy to operate?
  • What color do you like / prefer?

2. What questions do you often ask in going sightseeing?

How long will it take us to get there?

When was it(the great wall)built?

Could you please recommend some of the attractions here?

What do you think is the best time to go there?



Task One

Task Two

Task Three

Task Four

Task Five


Section II

Being All Ears

Listen & Decode

Listen & Respond

Listen & Read

Listen & Match

Listen & Conclude


Bright color.

Real Chinese silk.

Listen and Respond

Listen to Dialogue 1 again and then answer the following questions orally.

  • What did Mr. Anderson want to buy?
  • What color did he want?

A design with blue and yellow birds.

One and a half meters.

One hundred and forty yuan.

  • What design did the assistant show him?
  • How much did he buy for his daughter?
  • How much did he spend?





Shop assistant: Good afternoon, sir. What can I do for you?  

Mr. Anderson: Can you show me some silk, real Chinese silk?  

Shop assistant: Certainly. How do you like this design?  

Mr. Anderson: Have you got anything brighter? Something more


Shop assistant: How about the design with blue and yellow birds?

It’s a traditional design and the colors are bright.  

Mr. Anderson: Oh, it’s lovely and very Chinese. Is it pure silk?  

Shop assistant: Yes, one hundred percent pure silk.  

Mr. Anderson: How much do I need for a short-sleeved dress? It’s

for my daughter. She’s about my height.  

Shop assistant: I think one and a half meters would be enough.  

Mr. Anderson: All right. Please let me have one and a half meters


Shop assistant: That will be one hundred and forty Yuan.  


Listen and Read

Now listen to something more challenging-——a passage with some blanks for you to fill in. The words in the brackets will give you some hints. A glance beforehand at the word list provided below will be of some help to you.

Travel Plans

I’man American girl of thirteen. There are many countries that I would like to visit, but there are 1 (how many?) _______ places I’dlike to see above all.

The first is Tahiti. I’ve read books and magazine articles about the South Pacific, and I’ve even seen a couple of 2 (what?) ________ that were made there. To me it seems like heaven on earth. I can picture myself lying relaxed under a palm tree 3 (where?) _______________________ watching the sunset over a peaceful lake. I know this picture in my mind may not be realistic, but I’dreally love to see what Tahiti is like for myself.



on a beautiful beach



The second place I long to visit is 4 (where?) ________. I’dlike to see the Great Wall and visit the Summer Palace. I’dlike to see Beijing Opera and Chinese acrobatics. To me, 5 (doing what?) _______________ would bring to life much of the history I’ve studied.

The third place I want to visit is Brazil. From what I’ve read, it seems like a very 6 (how?) __________________ place. I want to lie on the beach at Copacabana. I dream of taking 7 (what?) __________ up the great Amazon. I would also enjoy visiting the beautiful capital of Brazil.

going to Beijing

lively and exciting

a boat trip



Listen and Match

Listen to the passage again and match the information in Column A with the choices in Column B.  









There are three places the girl would like to see above all. Tahiti is the first one she chooses to visit because it seems like heaven on earth to her. She can picture herself lying relaxed under a palm tree on a beautiful beach watching the sunset over a peaceful lake. The second place she likes to visit is Beijing. “Going to Beijing” means bringing to life much of the history she has studied. The last place she wants to pay a visit to is Brazil. She dreams of taking a boat trip up the Great Amazon and visiting the beautiful capital of the country.  


Oral work (Presentations are required in the next class.)

1. Imagine your group is interviewing another group for a shopping survey. Use the following hints to ask questions:

How often do you go shopping?

Which is more important to you, price or quality?

Do you usually pay in cash or by credit card?

2. Plan an itinerary for people who will visit your city for the first time, including the places of interest, hotels, transportation, restaurants, and so on.Group presentations are required in the next class.