Administering the sbac field test
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Administering the SBAC field test. Content . SBAC Assessments Scheduling, Timing & Logistics School Roles TIDE Tools, Supports & Accommodations Resources, Training & Support. The SBAC Assessments . Non-Performance task assessments Performance tasks & classroom activities.

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Administering the sbac field test

Administering the SBAC field test


  • SBAC Assessments

  • Scheduling, Timing & Logistics

  • School Roles

  • TIDE

  • Tools, Supports & Accommodations

  • Resources, Training & Support

The sbac assessments
The SBAC Assessments

Non-Performance task assessments

Performance tasks & classroom activities

Non performance task assessments ela
Non-performance task assessmentsELA

  • All grades feature written responses with at least one multi-paragraph written response

  • Technology-enhanced items

  • Recommend at least two and no more than six sessions

Non performance task assessments mathematics
Non-performance task assessmentsMathematics

  • Recommend at least two sessions

  • Technology-enhanced items, including model building, equation creation, line plotting, constructed and written responses

Performance task classroom activity
Performance task & classroom activity

  • Performance Task

    • Required

    • Centered on a common theme or “real world” problem

    • Integration of knowledge across skills and multiple claims/targets

    • Integration of research and writing

  • Classroom Activity

    • About 30 minutes

    • Not computer-based, should be done in classroom

    • Must be done prior to Performance Task

Additional administration recommendations
Additional administration recommendations

  • For the performance tasks, students may be best served by sequential, uninterrupted time that may exceed the time in a student’s schedule.

  • Minimize the amount of time between beginning and completing each test within a content area.

Important reminders
Important reminders

  • The number of items in the non-PT items portion of the Field Test will vary.

  • The tests are not timed, so all time estimates are approximate. Students should be allowed extra time if they need it.

  • The Field Test can be spread out over multiple days as needed.

  • The classroom activity must be completed prior to administration of the PT.

Wcsd tips suggestions
WCSD tips & suggestions

  • All students taking the ELA test and those getting the text-to-speech accommodation on the math test will need earphones or ear buds.

  • Provide scratch paper for both math and ELA assessments and Performance Tasks

  • Certain iPads and Android devices will deliver SBAC assessments. Read the article on the use of these devices at

School test coordinator sc
School Test Coordinator (SC)

  • Identify Test Administrators (TAs), create accounts and see that they’re trained

  • Read, watch and study all training documents and videos for SCs, TAs and students

  • Coordinate TA activity

  • Build testing schedule

  • Coordinate on-site technology preparation, including operations in TIDE

  • Ensure full student participation and monitor testing progress

  • Troubleshoot problems, as needed

  • Report all test security incidents in prescribed manner

  • Review and complete School Test Coordinator Checklist

Test administrator ta
Test Administrator (TA)

  • Complete required training

  • Participate in introducing students to the field test, universal tools, and performance task

  • Ensure accommodations are provided where designated and appropriate

  • Know school plan for providing extra time

  • Have plan for students who finish early

  • Ensure appropriate testing environment

  • Review and complete Test Administrator Checklist

Test administrator duties
Test administrator duties

  • Review the roster of students to ensure the right student is taking the right test with the right supports

  • Administer the SBAC Field Test following correct procedure and protocol

  • Report all potential test security incidents to the SC or District Coordinator (DC)

  • IMPORTANT: All TAs must be certified employees

T i d e

Student rosters

Activating accommodations

Tide student rosters
TIDE & Student Rosters

Tide student rosters1
TIDE & Student Rosters

Click View to adjust individual student accommodations.

Click View to adjust accommodations for individual students

Embedded universal tools
Embedded universal tools

  • Available to all students

  • School Test Coordinator may turn off any embedded tool if it’s determined it may distract the test taker.

  • Breaks * Calculator* Digital Notepad

  • English Dictionary* English Glossary* Expandable Passages

  • Global Notes Keyboard Navigation Writing Tools

  • Mark for Review Spell Check (ELA Items)* Strikethrough

  • Math Tools Zoom Highlighter

    *Currently prohibited on Nevada State Tests for regular education students

Non embedded universal tools
Non-embedded universal tools

  • Can be provided to students at workstations:

  • Breaks* English Dictionary (ELA PT Full Write)*

  • Scratch Paper Thesaurus (ELA PT Full Write)*

    *Currently prohibited on Nevada State Tests for regular education students

Embedded designated supports
Embedded Designated supports

  • For ELL Students, Students with IEPs or 504 Plans

  • Not all are currently allowed by Nevada Department of Education

  • Current IEP, 504 plan or ELL accommodations plan should be consulted

  • If employed, must be activated prior to testing by entering in the TIDE

Available embedded designated supports
Available embedded Designated Supports

  • Color Contrast Masking

  • Text-to-speech (for math items) Translated test directions (math only)*

  • Translation glossaries (math only)

  • Translations (apply for this through Assessment Support & Title III)*

    *Currently prohibited on Nevada State Tests for regular education students

Non embedded designated supports
Non-embedded designated supports

  • May be provided outside of the digital-delivery system

  • For those students unable to use the comparable embedded designated supports

  • Bilingual dictionary (for ELA PT full writes)*

  • Color Contrast Color Overlays Magnification

  • Read aloud (math) Scribe (VERY rare) Separate Setting

  • Translation Glossaries (Math)

    *Currently prohibited on Nevada State Tests for regular education students

Embedded accommodations
Embedded accommodations

  • For students with IEPs and 504 plans ONLY

  • Must be made available before the assessment

  • Must be a regular part of student’s classroom instruction

  • American Sign Language (ELA listening & math) Braille

  • Closed Captioning (ELA listening) Text-to-speech (math)

Non embedded accommodations
Non-embedded accommodations

  • Abacus Alternate Response Mode

  • Calculator (for calculator allowed items only) Multiplication Table

  • Print on Demand Read aloud (blind students) Scribe Speech-to-text

Guidelines for supports accommodations
Guidelines for Supports & Accommodations

  • Please start reviewing and entering appropriate supports & accommodations in the TIDE system.

  • Keep in mind that there are many supports & accommodations available during the Field Test.

  • The NDE will determine supports & accommodations that will be permissible during the live test in 2014-2015.

  • Choose only the accommodations specified in the student’s IEP, 504 plan or ELL support process and that are used in the classroom for daily instruction.

Straight from the horse s sbac s mouth
Straight from the horse’s (SBAC’s) mouth:

  • Which students should use each category of universal tools, designated supports, and accommodations?

  • “Universal tools are available to all students, including those receiving designated supports and those receiving accommodations. Designated supports are available only to students for whom an adult or team (consistent with state-designated practices) has indicated the need for these supports (as well as those students for whom the need is documented). Accommodations are available only to those students with documentation of the need through either an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a 504 accommodation plan. Students who have IEPs or 504 accommodation plans also may use designated supports and universal tools.”

Technology readiness
Technology readiness

Be sure all computing devices have the secure browser installed

Employ every computing device to be used for field test has hosted the practice or training test

Try having a full lab of students take the practice or training test at the same time to test your bandwidth & infrastructure

Required training
Required Training

  • Smarter Balanced Test Administration Overview

  • Performance Task Overview

  • Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE)

  • Test Administrator Interface for Online Testing

  • Let’s Talk Universal Tools Student Interface for Online Testing

  • Student Interface for Online Testing Video

  • Accessibility & Accommodations (Required for School Test Coordinators)

  • Appropriate Checklist

Important manuals
Important manuals

  • Online Field Test Administration Manual (TAM)

  • TIDE User Guide

  • Usability, Accessibility, and Accommodations Guidelines

Highly recommended resources students teachers
Highly Recommended ResourcesStudents & Teachers

Available on the Smarter Balanced Portal Resources link -

  • What is a Field Test?

  • Let’s Talk Universal Tools

  • SBAC Training Test at appropriate grade band (students can access in a computer lab or a whole class could experience on a screen or smart board in a classroom – in fact, all modules should be accessed in this way)

  • Performance Task Training Module (especially for teachers who will be facilitating the Classroom Activity)

More required training
More required training

  • Take the training test available through the secure browser for your grade level and ensure all testing students take the training test too. Test Administration Overview ( )

  • To minimize lost instructional time and to minimize computer lab use, the Assessment Team urges schools to display the appropriate grade band of the training test as well as the Let’s Talk Universal Tools video in classrooms using the projection technology available.

  • Take at least one of the Practice Tests, especially the Performance Tasks, in the subject and grade level you will be field testing and have students take it as well, if possible.

Planning checklist highlights also see sbac checklist
Planning Checklist HighlightsAlso see SBAC Checklist

  • Identify and train all participating staff (i.e. teachers, ETS)

    • Watch videos

    • Primer training

  • Update/edit student accommodations in TIDE

  • Create testing schedule

  • Prepare students (whole class, stations, lab, etc.)

    • Give training and/or practice test

    • Review tools

    • Provide purpose and what to expect


  • SBAC Help Desk Phone: 1-855-833-1969

  • SBAC Help Desk Email:

  • Assessment Support Phone: 348-0248

  • Assessment Support Email: