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Private Sector Partnerships for Food and Agriculture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Private Sector Partnerships for Food and Agriculture. Private Sector as a Key Ally.

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Private Sector Partnerships

for Food and Agriculture

Private Sector as a Key Ally

“I am convinced that there can be no freedom from hunger– there can ultimately be no food security -without the active participation of all actors: international and regional institutions, governments, civil society and the private sector.“

Jose Graziano da Silva

FAO Director-General

New Strategic Vision

  • Reference framework for environmentally sustainable agriculture

  • Enhance adoption of sustainability principles

  • Mainstream these principles through international initiatives (Food Waste and Losses)

  • Increase adherence to international standards with the agribusiness sector and other players

FAO’s 5 Strategic Objectives

Contributeto the eradication of hunger

Increasethe provision of agriculturalgoods and services

Reduce rural poverty

Enablemore inclusive and efficientagrifoodsystems

Increase the resilience of livelihoods

Why partner with FAO?

  • Be heardin international policy development and standard setting processes

  • Improve alignment of national requirements to enhance the ease of doing business

  • Enhance dialogue with governments

  • Promote fairer competition and more stable business environment

How to Partner with FAO

advocacy and communication

policy dialogue

norms and standards setting

development and technical programmes

knowledge management and dissemination

mobilization of


Private Sector Contributions

  • Mutual collaboration

  • Sponsorships

Policy Dialogue

  • Today’s event and other FAO/EBRD fora

  • Contribute to the policies proposed at the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2)

  • Committee on World Food Security- PSM

Norms and Standard Setting

Sustainability Assessment of Food and Agriculture systems (SAFA)

  • defines what sustainable food and agriculture systems are;

  • outlines a procedure for an integrated analysis of all dimensions of sustainability;

  • describes sustainability themes and indicators.

Norms and Standard Setting

Principles for Responsible Agricultural Investment (PRAI)

  • Provide a framework for national regulations, international investment agreements, global corporate social responsibility initiatives, and individual investor contracts.


Advocacy and Communications

  • Contribute to FAO’s global initiatives:

  • A New Vision for Agriculture Initiative;

  • Zero Hunger Challenge;

  • World Food Day (WFD);

  • Network of Private Sector Associations and Federations at local level.

Advocacy and Communication

  • Etihad Airways

  • Raise awareness of FAO’s activities in the field of food security.

Norms and Standards Setting

  • Codex Alimentarius ‘63 FAO-WHO

  • Harmonise international food standards, guidelines and codes of practice

Private Sector Contrubution

human, financial and other resources

  • cause-related marteking campaigns

  • private Sector Umbrella Programme

  • employee-giving campaigns

  • innovative financing mechanisms

  • in-kind contributions

  • expertise exchange

  • technology transfer

  • click-to-donate

What we can do together

  • Raise awareness on FAO’s mandate

  • Find entry points of cooperation at local level

  • Participate in key initiatives on voluntary standards and policy dialogue

  • Egyptian Platform on political dialogue.


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