interpol conference lyon may 2010 n.
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Interpol Conference Lyon – May 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Interpol Conference Lyon – May 2010

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Interpol Conference Lyon – May 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interpol Conference Lyon – May 2010. Using CLIO in the Disaster Victim Identification environment. COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE. Setting the scene - CLIO in the DVI arena.

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Interpol Conference Lyon – May 2010

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interpol conference lyon may 2010
Interpol Conference Lyon – May 2010

Using CLIO in the Disaster Victim Identification environment


setting the scene clio in the dvi arena
Setting the scene - CLIO in the DVI arena
  • Monday 1st June 2009 –Air France flight A447 from Rio De Janeiro to Paris crashed into the Atlantic killing all 228 passengers and crew
  • There were a number of UK Nationals and Foreign nationals resident in the UK on board
  • West Midlands Police tasked with gathering ante mortem information and the UK response to victim management
  • “CLIO was essential for recording, in an electronic format, a clear record and audit trail of all the police and forensic activity to collect and process the ante mortem data for this tragic event”
  • Used again for Ethiopian Airlines crash in Lebanon
  • Previously used by Thames Valley Police in Phuket
what is clio
What is CLIO?
  • An Electronic Investigative Management system designed for critical incidents and crimes in action
  • A Communication, Collaboration and Coordination tool
  • Initially developed in 1997 with the Metropolitan Police and used in over 1500 major investigations
  • Now a National Tool for many areas of Policing in UK
  • An opportunity for inter-police, inter-agency, national and international cooperation
  • Not a replacement for or a competitor to Plass Data
  • Used to gather Ante mortem information for submission
  • manage and record the investigation process and to maintain accurate records of who has done what
how can clio help
How can CLIO help?
  • CLIO can transmit and share data via the Internet across the world in an encrypted environment which is both safe and secure
  • DVI Commanders working in Theatre can log in to CLIO, access the investigation and communicate with the team at home
  • Have a single (searchable) central repository of information
  • Task, coordinate enquiries and manage investigations
  • Filter and restrict information to control of what everyone can see
  • An incorruptible audit trial of information and activity
  • Message boards and banners for key information
  • A Resource library for dynamic information such as briefing packs and pre loaded guidance such as your Standard Operating Procedures or Interpol DVI guidance
  • An area to gather ante mortem data and information on potential victims
about badger software
About Badger Software
  • Badger Software was formed in 1994
  • Headquarters in Reading (15 minutes from Heathrow)
  • Providing bespoke software solutions and systems to many law enforcement organisations particularly the police over many years
  • Providing bespoke software products for a variety of different functions in policing
  • Providing other products and services to government agencies and the commercial sector across the world
  • All members of our staff are vetted by the police and government agencies
to summarise
To summarise…
  • You will no longer have to rely on paper systems and paper action processes
  • DVI Commanders will have instant access to crucial information about the state of the investigation, workloads and important management information
  • You will be surprised to find that it is not a costly system
  • Installation and training are extremely simple
  • CLIO has already been provided to countries around the world
  • Come and see us to discuss CLIO further or consider arranging a demonstration
our contact details
Our Contact Details
  • Badger Software Limited, Reading UK
  • Company Web:
  • Phone: +44 (0)118 946 4488
  • Fax: +44 (0)118 946 4727
  • Email: