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Joshua High School Naval Junior ROTC. LtCol J.G. Davidson (That new Marine guy… what should we expect?). PUSH-UPS MAKE YOU SMARTER!. And I am an educator…. Mission of the Joshua JROTC. To build good citizens and posture Cadets for future success in Life

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Joshua high school naval junior rotc

Joshua High SchoolNaval Junior ROTC

LtCol J.G. Davidson

(That new Marine guy…

what should we expect?)

Push ups make you smarter

And I am an educator…

Mission of the joshua jrotc
Mission of the Joshua JROTC

  • To build good citizens and posture Cadets for future success in Life

  • To give an appreciation for those who have gone before you

What should i expect this year
What should I Expect This Year?

  • Code of Conduct

  • Teams

  • Mentors

  • Grading System

  • Scholarships

  • Guest Speakers

  • Fun

Cadet code of conduct
Cadet Code of Conduct

  • A Cadet does not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do.Integrity is a Cadet’s most sacred virtue. Never sacrifice your honor.

Cadet code of conduct1
Cadet Code of Conduct

  • A Cadet is courteous at all times. All adults and authority figures will be addressed as “Sir” or “Ma’am”. Proper courtesy also includes use of the words “Please” and “Thank you”.

Code of conduct
Code of Conduct

  • A Cadet will raise his hand to be recognized and rise when addressing an instructor.

Code of conduct1
Code of Conduct

  • A Cadet will be on time; tardiness is a reflection of poor discipline.

Code of conduct2
Code of Conduct

  • A Cadet will maintain proper hygiene and strive to be physically fit.

Code of conduct3
Code of Conduct

  • A Cadet will take pride in his uniform: Shirts and trousers will be cleaned and pressed and shoes will be highly shined.

Code of conduct4
Code of Conduct

  • A Cadet will take equal care in the wearing of civilian attire. Revealing attire has no place in school. Males will have shirts tucked in and wear a belt. Females will have no mid-drift showing. Headgear is for outdoors.

Code of conduct5
Code of Conduct

  • A Cadet is respectful of others, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or religious affiliation.

Code of conduct6
Code of Conduct

  • A Cadet will keep abreast of current events; good citizenship requires this.

LtCol Davidson Thrashes

Three Cadets to Death

Code of conduct7
Code of Conduct

  • Drug use will not be tolerated. Any Cadet discovered to have used an illicit substance will be immediately dropped from the Joshua JROTC Corps of Cadets.

  • **Remember: You are a Cadet 24/7


  • Every Cadet will be on a team

  • New Community Service Team

  • Fund Raisers (Ideas?)


  • Formerly known as Buddy System

  • Implemented when schedule stabilizes

  • Fellow Cadets are your brothers and sisters

  • Senior Cadets will be held accountable for a Plebe’s transgressions

  • Senior Cadets will be recognized for superior performance of Plebes

Grading system
Grading System

  • 33% Academic

  • 33% Uniform

  • 33% Physical Fitness

  • Extra Credit for current events

Girls love a man in uniform!


  • Any Monkey can pass!!

  • Pay Attention in class

  • Read a newspaper!!


  • Take Pride in your uniform and what it represents

  • You must wear (properly) to pass ROTC

Physical fitness
Physical Fitness

  • Grade based upon improvement

  • Keep a book

  • Monitor Progress

  • Nutrition is key

Class schedule
Class Schedule

  • Class Schedule:

    • Monday Academic

    • Tuesday Academic

    • Wednesday Uniform / Inspection

    • Thursday Drill / Team Activities

    • Friday Physical Training


  • Each JROTC Program can submit (3) nominees to the Naval Academy

    • Distinguished units can submit (6)

  • Cadet must be qualified to receive an endorsement

  • Criterion includes 1100 SAT

    • Well rounded and physically fit

  • Other scholarships also available

    • Shooting

Guest speakers
Guest Speakers

  • Distinguished visitors; living history

  • Prepare intelligent questions

  • Uniform Day

  • Family members welcome


  • Cadets drive the itinerary; staff facilitates

  • What do YOU want to do? Bowling?!

  • Movies

  • Tours

  • Debates