Resolving Windows 10 Headphones Problem
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Resolving Windows 10 Headphones Problem - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows has been around us for a decade and has successfully released its new versions from time to time as per needs of the users.

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Resolving windows 10 headphones problem

Resolving Windows 10 Headphones Problem

Windows has been around us for a decade and has successfully released its new

versions from time to time as per needs of the users. The journey of Windows

from basic to Windows 10, the most advanced version, has been impressive as it

has been downloaded, upgraded and used by millions of windows lovers in all

corners of the world. Used for all individuals as well as commercial purposes,

Windows is a great operating tool that comes with loads of unique features and

flexible attractions. That is why it wins the race of the most successful OS from

the leading technology giant Microsoft. The last version of the OS from the

technology company has been in news not only for its heavy promotion but also

for a number of errors and issues encountered by Windows users after using a

free upgrade or the Windows 10 Anniversary update. An audio problem is one of

them and you can opt for technical support for windows 10 headphones not

working. Or you can go through the following suggestions to make a real


Windows 10 headphones not detected; windows 10 headphones not plugged in;

windows 10 headphones sound weird are some of the issues that are frequent

with the Windows 10 users after they moved to the upgrade.

 First of all, you simply need to check if you are using an updated audio

driver or not. If you are going ahead with the older version, be sensible and

opt for the drivers that are updated and compatible with the device you are


 Another thing that can make a real difference is the troubleshooting

feature which is a device in the OS that fix common audio problems in a by

default manner in your system.

 Sometimes, you needn’t update drivers or use the troubleshooting feature

as the issue may be concerned with speakers. So, it would be great if you

can adjust the setting of default speakers and testing of the sound later.

Resolving windows 10 headphones problem

If you cannot hear sound, there is another remedy that can solve the

purpose effectively. So, just check Device Manager in order to determine

the status of the sound hardware. Then restore your computer.

There is always a technical contact number support for Windows 10 that can be

dialed when Windows audio problems are not resolved amicably. If there is no

sound from headphones in the latest version Windows, then you can better

change the default sound format, roll back your headphone driver. Broadly

speaking, all the steps that are useful to solving sound issues with the OS are also

useful to easily fix no sound issue from headphones with Windows 10.

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