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Predictive Dialers PowerPoint Presentation
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Predictive Dialers

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Predictive Dialers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Predictive Dialers

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  1. Article1: PREDICTIVE DIALERS Predictive dialer systems are very popular amongst the telemarketing organizations that are involved in business to consumer (B2C) calling services, as sales representatives need more client contact time. Market analysis companies, as well as debt collection facilities that require contacting the person they need to approach and personally speak to them on the telephone, can also use predictive dialers. Predictive dialers nowadays are being employed as a very fast and simpler way in order to automate all sorts of calls instead of doing it manually by a majority of call centers, like welcome calls for new customers or service call backs. Predictive automatic dialer systems come with a variety of features such as interactive voice response (IVR), automatic call distribution (ACD), and one of the most famous features that has added a new dimension to the auto dialer capabilities of this and predictive dialer systems, known as “call recording”. Voice broadcasting equipped with text-to-speech software, which operates as a very unique and innovative solution, and are proving to be the best suited addition to the telemarketing software for ACD and IVR outsourcing. The computer telephony software uses this phone system for outside applications as well as developers. A few predictive dialer systems come along with an extra edge in productivity and efficiency which is usually not provided in other dialing systems. This feature gives the agents the option to click on the "3rd party message" button or "answering machine message" button at any time, even when they are on a call. The old way of dialing one number at a particular time, when only a few agents are available, normally keeps the agents utilized for about 40 minutes per hour which rounds up to 33% idle time. On the contrary, predictive dialing has the ability to increase the utilization to about 57 minutes per hour that is about 5% of idle time. Whenever the agent hits the "answering machine message" button, it plays a certain digitally recorded message in the answering machine that gives the agent sufficient time to be available for the very next dialer-generated call. Whereas, when the "3rd party message" button is pressed, the machine will start playing a digitally recorded message which is for the party that has been called, so that the agent gets ample amount of time to handle the next call. The predictive dialer acts as a complete call center solution when it is combined with the customer relationship management (CRM) software. With all these new added features, the new predictive dialer system is revolutionizing the predictive dialing industry and places where it is being used. For example, the call centers will be able to become more prolific as more calls can be handled by a fewer number of agents, including the employees who work at home. These latest predictive dialer systems are outpacing all the old predictive dialer technology. Predictive dialers might possibly be standalone hardware devices, or they can be incorporated in the software with contact center call center or platforms. For more information on predictive dialers, visit:

  2. Article1: ABOUT THE AUTHOR Catherine Wales is a professional marketing and sales agent. She strongly recommends use of automatic dialers to boost efficiency and save time. She recommends as the right place to go to for such software.