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September 2013 Growing Global Sales: Advanced Marketing Resources PowerPoint Presentation
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September 2013 Growing Global Sales: Advanced Marketing Resources

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September 2013 Growing Global Sales: Advanced Marketing Resources - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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September 2013 Growing Global Sales: Advanced Marketing Resources. . About KS&R. KS&R Quick Facts Privately owned firm Celebrating our 30 th year in 2013 Syracuse , NY headquarters Offices in NY , Atlanta, Memphis, Seattle, and Frankfurt

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September 2013

Growing Global Sales: Advanced Marketing Resources

about ks r
About KS&R
  • KS&R Quick Facts
  • Privately owned firm
  • Celebrating our 30th year in 2013
  • Syracuse, NY headquarters
  • Offices in NY, Atlanta, Memphis, Seattle, and Frankfurt
  • 250+ employees – diverse staff of market research, marketing sciences, and IT professionals
  • Fortune 10/50/500/1000 clients
  • Focus on both domestic and global markets

Recognized as an Industry Leader

CHQ: AXA Equitable Towers

  • 120 Madison St, Syracuse NY
  • Occupy 14th and 15th Floor
  • 85seat call center in Syracuse, NY

Global GDP Growth

Source: IMF estimates.


2014 Projected GDP – Region Specific

2014 Global Growth: 3.8%








3.2 %





Source: IMF World Economic Outlook


Going Global – Common Client Questions

How big is the market opportunity?

What does the competitive landscape look like?

Do our products align with the needs of the market?

Market Assessment

Who should we target in new markets?

Are we effectivelycommunicating our value proposition?

Do we need to play up (or down) parts of our value proposition in other countries?

Market Communication

Are customers satisfied with our products today?

How can we better meet the needs of global customers?

What do we need to do to grow our business globally?

Performance Measurement


Market Assessment - Overview

Client Questions

Research Approaches

Less Sophisticated

How many, how much, growth trend?

How big is the market opportunity?

Who and why?

What does the competitive landscape look like?

How and purchase intent.

Do our products align with the needs of the market?

Secondary Analysis

  • SME Interviews
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research

More Sophisticated


Market Assessment – Key Learnings

  • Developing markets can surprise
  • Developing countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and emerging markets can often “leapfrog” more developed countries when buying products.
  • Market needs, product features and pricing must align
  • Market needs will vary by geography, products / services will need to address those needs and be priced appropriately to gain traction in the market.
  • One product; multiple value propositions
  • A single product / service may have different value propositions in different markets; marketing efforts will need to reflect this reality.

Market Communication - Overview

More General

  • Messaging platform designed to communicate key elements of the brand and overall value proposition.
  • Refine messaging to address broader regional issues (e.g., governmental regulations).
  • Customize content to focus on specific elements of the value proposition relevant at a local level (e.g., language / cultural issues).

More Customized


Market Communication - Key Learnings

  • Build a strong foundation
  • Identify key pillars of the brand / product value proposition to develop a messaging platform that reinforces these foundational elements in all markets.
  • Modular components enable flexibility
  • Having multiple components of the messaging (e.g., proof points) that can be interchanged depending on the needs of a particular market makes customization easier.
  • Translations are critical
  • Even the strongest messaging platform can lose its value if it cannot be effectively translated into other languages.
  • Keep business partners in mind
  • Your brand may often be reflected by individuals you do not “own” (e.g., indirect sales partners).

Performance Measurement - Overview

  • Identify elements of the brand that are most engrained in the market.
  • Evaluate the degree to which existing perceptions impact and influence the brand.
  • Evaluate product features to understand:
    • What is critical in the purchase process
    • What features are “nice to have”
    • What changes can be made to enhance value
  • Assess post-sale and on-going customer support.
  • Understand timeliness of, and satisfaction with, problem resolution.

Performance Measurement - Key Learnings

  • Improve your product; improve your brand
  • Often product associations impact perceptions of the larger brand; it’s easier for customers to identify product-level improvement opportunities, so start there.
  • Connect the customer experience to business outcomes
  • It is important to understand how performance on customer experience components (e.g., customer service) drives business outcomes (customer retention) to inform strategy.
  • Correct issues before its too late
  • Leveraging near real-time feedback to improve the customer experience can correct issues before they become significant.