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Journey to Love Attracting & Building Loving Relationships PowerPoint Presentation
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Journey to Love Attracting & Building Loving Relationships

Journey to Love Attracting & Building Loving Relationships

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Journey to Love Attracting & Building Loving Relationships

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  1. Journey to Love Attracting & Building Loving Relationships Smart Marriage Conference 2009 M.P. Wylie - 949-725-3366

  2. Learn from Your Past Who were your first teachers and mentors? What have you experienced in your past relationships? What are the lessons you’ve learned? Make a list of your dating and relationship styles – are they working for you? M.P. Wylie - 949-725-3366

  3. Release and Let Go of Your Hurt Holding on to your hurt only keeps you stuck. “Anger is like eating rat poison, hoping the other person will die.” Clear out the hurt. Open your heart to receive love. Write letters to release people from your past to their highest and greatest good. M.P. Wylie - 949-725-3366

  4. Own and Support Your Own Personal Needs and Desires We attract what we yet don’t know. Why do you think we do that? We need to learn the lessons! Relationships always give us the opportunity to grow. Get clear with what you want or you’ll keep attracting what you don’t want. M.P. Wylie - 949-725-3366

  5. Create Safe Boundaries What are boundaries? How do we know what boundaries we need to set? Look at our past hurts to see what boundaries you need to set? Honor your own boundaries first, and then others will also respect them. M.P. Wylie - 949-725-3366

  6. Accept Your Greatness • Love yourself first. • See your own true value. • When you see your own true value it will shine through for others to see. M.P. Wylie - 949-725-3366

  7. What Do You Want? • Your past is filled with lessons and gives you clarity on what you desire in a partner and a relationship/marriage. • Write down 10 of the most important things that you must “mutually share” with a partner. • What are the “deal breakers” that are going to let you know he/she is not the one. M.P. Wylie - 949-725-3366

  8. Do Something Different • What are you doing now to meet your potential partner? • Is it working for you? • Where might you find your compatible partner? • Do what you love and live your true passion. M.P. Wylie - 949-725-3366

  9. Enjoy the Process • Dating is meant to be fun. • If it’s not – what’s actually happening? • When you’re really clear with what you desire you’ll attract it into your life. • Don’t waste your time or someone else’s, if they’re not the one for you. • He/she is someone else’s treasure. M.P. Wylie - 949-725-3366

  10. Inform the Universe • What do you do when you really want something? • Write it down. • Get focused. • Create your relationship story 5 years from now, as if it’s happening right now. • Read it out loud. Share it with a trusted friend. M.P. Wylie - 949-725-3366

  11. Step-by-Step Process If you would like a step-by-step process, you can do it all in one book: Journey to Love: Attracting & Building Loving Relationships Workbook M.P. Wylie - 949-725-3366

  12. If You Always Do… If you always do What you always did, You will always get What you always got Don’t give up What you really want For something you want RIGHT NOW. M.P. Wylie - 949-725-3366