collaborating on cyberspace in san diego n.
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“Collaborating On Cyberspace in San Diego” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Collaborating On Cyberspace in San Diego”

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“Collaborating On Cyberspace in San Diego” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Collaborating On Cyberspace in San Diego”. CAPT Mark Kohlheim, Commanding Officer 06 OCT 09. Information.. a weapon and a target!. Distribution A: Approved for public release, Distribution unlimited. What DoD Leadership is Saying.

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“Collaborating On Cyberspace in San Diego”

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collaborating on cyberspace in san diego

“Collaborating On Cyberspacein San Diego”

CAPT Mark Kohlheim, Commanding Officer

06 OCT 09

Information.. a weapon and a target!

Distribution A: Approved for public release, Distribution unlimited

what dod leadership is saying
What DoD Leadership is Saying

The United States is "under cyber attack virtually all the time, every day….and that this is going to be an enduring problem”

–Secretary of Defense Robert Gates

“The consequences of a cyber attack could, in fact, be in the magnitude of a weapon of mass destruction.”

– VCJCS Gen. James Cartwright

And on Cyber Defense … “We are behind. We are reactive. We are not proactive. We are making it too easy”.

–Gen. Kevin P. Chilton, Commander, USSTRATCOM


what the chief of naval operations is saying
What the Chief of Naval Operations is saying

"The opening rounds of the next war will likely be in cyberspace - the Navy must be ready to prevent wars as well as win them; to do that, we must understand how we will live, operate, and win in cyberspace.“ Navy Times,October 2007

"To pace the complex and adaptive techniques of potential adversaries, we need survivable and persistent network communications that enable secure and robust means to command and control our assets, and to use, manage, and exploit the information they provide… Cyberspace presents enormous challenges and unprecedented opportunities to shape and control the battlespace." CNO statement to the Senate Armed Services Committee - June 2009

"We are realigning our organizations to more effectively man, train, and equip Navy forces for cyber and information operations by standing up FLTCYBERCOM / TENTHFLT and reorganizing the OPNAV staff to achieve the integration and innovation necessary for warfighting dominance across the full spectrum of operations across the maritime, cyberspace and information domains." Sept 2009, CNO Guidance for 2010


ssc pacific
SSC Pacific
  • DoD Center of Excellence, and the
  • Nation’s only full spectrum C4ISR Lab…, ranked # 1 in Development and
  • Acquisition, top tier Research, Test and Evaluation
  • • ~ 4,200 staff (active duty military, federal
  • civil service) plus contractors…, award winning, nationally and internationally recognized experts
  • • $2.5B annual revenue, extensive
  • partnerships…, global presence, global influence
  • Cyber Support Contract – award JAN 2010
  • National asset - unique location,
  • unique facilities, unique business
  • model (Navy Working Capital Fund)


dod cyber definitions

All of the warfighting domains intersect…

Cyberspace: A global domain within the information environment consisting of the interdependent network of information technology infrastructures, including the Internet, telecommunications networks, computer systems, and embedded processors and controllers.

In relation to other mission areas…

Cyberspace Operations: employment of cyber capabilities where the primary purpose is to achieve military objectives or effects in or through cyberspace. Such operations include computer network operations and activities to operate and defend the GIG.

DoD Cyber Definitions


the situation
Ubiquitous Presence …

1.5 billion people on the Internet; much of Asia and Africa still to come

Upwards of 200B e-mails per day

Critical to commerce, government, business processes, safety, etc.

Exponential demand; 8 hours of YouTube uploaded every minute

Increasing connections; global wireless and cellular usage

Salient Danger …

Cyberspace intrusions and attacks are a real and emerging threat

U.S. faces a dangerous mixture of vulnerabilities and adversaries

Cyberspace situational awareness is not mature

Information and the information infrastructure are targets

Exploitation, disruption, or destruction are adversary goals

Malicious cyberspace activity is increasing in regularity and severity

The Situation


cyber as a global commons
Cyber as a Global Commons
  • Cyber domain is ubiquitous
    • Cyber capabilities are changing the way the world thinks.
    • We expect to be there when we need it.
    • We depend on it in ways that we can no longer imaging doing without it.
    • Part of national critical infrastructure
  • It has become part of the Global Commons, much like the maritime domain and space domains.
  • Our national interests require us to preserve and advance our ability to maneuver in this global commons


information sharing environment 2009 report to congress
Information Sharing Environment2009 Report to Congress

Four Goals

  • Create a culture of sharing
    • Accountability through Performance Appraisals
    • Training
    • Incentives and Awards
  • Reduce Barriers to Sharing
    • Integrated Security Framework
    • Handling of Controlled Unclassified Information
    • Trusted Sharing Infrastructure
    • Privacy Protection


information sharing environment 2009 report to congress continued
Information Sharing Environment2009 Report to Congress (continued)
  • Improving Sharing Practices with Federal, State, Local, Tribal and Foreign Partners
    • The Nationwide SAR Initiative
    • State and Major Urban Area Fusion Centers
    • Improved Production and Dissemination
    • Sharing with Foreign Partners
  • Institutional Sharing
    • ISE Architecture Program
    • Common Terrorism Information Sharing Standards Program


collaborating to assure our missions
Collaborating to Assure Our Missions

Network Maps:

What We think our networks looks like

  • We share a Risk
    • Government, DoD, industry, consumers, academia and private citizens
  • Classic Information Assurance
    • Confidentiality
      • Share information smartly
    • Availability
      • Always connected
    • Integrity
      • The right information
  • Need to work together to maximize use of scarce resources


the rest of the world…


US Navy


collaborating to assure our missions1
Collaborating to Assure Our Missions

Reality of what our Networks Look like


it s not all about security
It’s not all about Security…

Two CR-34 patrol boats approach the Al Basrah Oil Terminal (ABOT) after performing maritime security operations  

USS Laboon conducts training for Operation Allied Protector, NATO's counter-piracy operation.

July 2009

Afghan presidential election workers count and organize election ballots Aug 2009

Watchstanderson the bridgeof USS Nimitz

It’s About Accomplishing the Mission…


partnering for success
Partnering For Success

10 U.S.C. §2563/§2539B

10 U.S.C. §2563/§2539B

10 U.S.C. §2563/§2539B

SSC Pacific ranked 6th compared to

San Diego based corporate patent recipients in 2008

Largest-ever DoD licensing agreement

Own more than 200 patents, 175 pending

  • 22 CRADAs at SSC Pacific in FY 08
  • 15 CRADAs in pipeline
  • 417 Active contract including grants
  • 1,080 firms, including simplified acquisition
  • Work for Private Parties
    • 25 agreements > $25M


SSC Pacific data added. (Does not include data from local Universities)



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