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Christmas decorations (Rockefeller Center, NYC) PowerPoint Presentation
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Christmas decorations (Rockefeller Center, NYC)

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Christmas decorations (Rockefeller Center, NYC) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Christmas decorations (Rockefeller Center, NYC). Gingerbread houses and gingerbread men (spice cookies) are traditional in Australia, USA, and Canada. Shortbread (Scotland), a traditional cookie made with sugar, butter, and oatmeal flour.

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Presentation Transcript

Gingerbread houses and

gingerbread men (spice cookies)

are traditional in Australia, USA,

and Canada


New Zealand and Australia celebrate Christmas in summer.

Pavlova is meringue with pomegranates and whipped cream.


Mincemeat Pie (England, Australia, New Zealand)

is with from dried fruit and spices


Dundee Cake : Scotland

Dundee Cake (Scotland) is with from currants, sultanas, and almonds


Traditional English Christmas dinner includes turkey, Brussel sprouts, roasted potatoes, pigs in a blanket (sausage wrapped in bacon), carrots, and bread pudding


Christmas Cookies (USA) include

iced sugar cookies and

jelly-filled cookies

Don’t forget to leave some out for



In Australia, New Zealans, USA, Canada, people eat rum balls,

cookies made from chocolate and rum


Christmas lights and decorations on a house in Surrey, England


Santa’s reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen,

Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolf


Christmas crackers are traditional in the UK, Australia,

New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, and Ireland.

They can be filled with toys, a paper crown, or jokes.