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Craft and Design

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Craft and Design
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Craft and Design

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  1. Michael Anthony 4CD Craft and Design Final Project Bedside Table Miss Mc Namee

  2. Problem A problem that I have is I need a small to fit in the limited available space beside my bed. For my final craft and design project therefore I have decided to design and manufacture a bedside table. It must have enough surface area to hold my lamp, clock, TV remote controls and space for a mug or glass. It must be slightly higher than my bed but not too high as I want to be able to reach these items easily. I hope to make this bedside table in materials that compliment the existing furniture in my room so that it will not look out of place.

  3. Research Page 1: Mind Map Ergonomics function Safety table Environment Cost Aesthetics

  4. Research Page 2: Existing Products 1 This product it is made from particleboard, solid beech and a beech veneer. Fully assembled it measures: width: 48 cm, depth: 36 cm and height 57 cm. It is finished with a clear acrylic lacquer. It can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It is also small and compact, ideal for my requirements. However I would prefer my bedside table to have a back on it so that I could use the shelf for storage.

  5. Existing products 2 This product also it is strong sturdy and cheap at only £19.99. It is made of fibreboard, melamine foil and finished with acrylic paint. Fully assembled it measures: width: 36cm, depth: 35cm and height: 63cm. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. It is also an excellent size and shape, perfect for my requirements. The disadvantages of this product is it is of a traditional style and not in keeping with the modern furniture in my room.

  6. Existing Products 3 I really like its sturdy but a bit more pricy at £39.99. it is made of particleboard, fibreboard, beech veneer, melamine foil and finished with clear acrylic lacquer and topped with tempered glass. Fully assembled it measures: width: 45cm, height: 50cm and length: 43cm. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. This product would blend in with in with the existing furniture in my bedroom.

  7. Research Page 3: Users/Anthropometrics

  8. Research page 4: Materials There are 3 main types of materials which I could use for my project these are

  9. Materials Example of a softwood PINE - Is a fairly cheap wood used in the mainly in the building trade and for furniture. It is pale in colour, quite easy to cut and shape, and machines relatively well.

  10. Materials Examples of hardwoods MAHOGANY - Is quite expensive and is used for good quality furniture and hardwood windows. It is light brown in colour and more difficult to use compared to pine.

  11. Materials Examples of a Manmade Boards BLOCKBOARD – is made up of softwood strips bonded together with adhesive and covered with a sheet of plywood on either side. Used as a building material and for furniture manufacture. CHIPBOARD - is made up of small chips of wood bonded together with resin and formed into sheets by compression. It is not as strong as plywood and block board but it is not expensive. Chipboard is often covered with a plastic laminate or wood veneer and used in furniture.