catastrophic backup action plan n.
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Catastrophic Backup Action Plan

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Catastrophic Backup Action Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Catastrophic Backup Action Plan. Recommendations for short-term corrective action involving selected shortfalls (Go after “low hanging fruit”). Shortfall: An OPC is down with a Catastrophic Outage. Consequence: Somebody isn’t getting something they need to do their job.

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catastrophic backup action plan

Catastrophic Backup Action Plan

Recommendations for short-term corrective action involving selected shortfalls

(Go after “low hanging fruit”)

shortfall an opc is down with a catastrophic outage

Shortfall: An OPC is down with a Catastrophic Outage

Consequence: Somebody isn’t getting something they need to do their job.

Solution(s): Another OPC picks up the slack, even if degraded. Basic and in-depth alternatives (some).

Lead Agency: Usually, the newly providing OPC.

Risks: Bandwidth; data conversion costs for recipient; other priorities for assigned personnel.

Resources: Not extensive. Varies with shortfall.

Time Frame: Generally, 6-12 months for each.

shortfall 1 nwstg gateway down for gts a n data

Shortfall #1: NWSTG Gateway Down for GTS A/N Data

Consequence: No WMO obs to NCEP. No American WMO obs to AFWA, NAVO, FNMOC.

Solution(s): Directly feed NCEP from AFWA. Take steps to find other American data sources.

Lead Agency: AFWA.

Risks: Availability of personnel resources.

Resources: 3 M/M (AFWA, FAA, NWSTG)

Time Frame: May-Aug 2002.

shortfall 2 nesdis down unable to transmit imagery

Shortfall #2: NESDIS Down – Unable to Transmit Imagery

Consequence: No imagery to NCEP/WFOs. No digital data or imagery via SPP.

Solution(s): Collect imagery via Mark-4B &/or FMQ-17 systems; post on Web and xmit via SPP.

Lead Agency: AFWA.

Risks: Bandwidth to AFWA/FNMOC; data conversion costs, personnel availability.

Resources: 4-8 M/M + NCEP data conversion costs

Time Frame: Jun 2002 – Sep 2003.

shortfall 3 no standard access to opc web pages

Shortfall #3: No Standard Access to OPC Web Pages

Consequence: No common quick access to OPC Web pages.

Solution(s): Standardized access across all OPC Home pages.

Lead Agency: FNMOC.

Risks: Failure to agree on acceptable standard.

Resources: < 1 M/M combined for all OPCs.

Time Frame: Jun – Aug 2002.

shortfall 4 no ocean color backup for navoceano

Shortfall #4: No Ocean Color Backup for NAVOCEANO

Consequence: No optical products; impacting minehunting, diver OPS, lidar bathymetry, etc.

Solution(s): NOAA send subsets of MODIS sensor data to NAVOCEANO.

Lead Agency: NAVOCEANO.

Risks: Software access, data conversion costs.

Resources: < 1 M/M + data conversion costs.

Time Frame: Apr- Aug 2002.

shortfall 5 nesdis down unable to provide sdrs edrs

Shortfall #5: NESDIS Down – Unable to Provide SDRs/EDRs

Consequence: SDRs/EDRs unavailable to numerical models and variety of other customers.

Solution(s): AFWA provide expanded GOES Feature Track Winds and some EDRs from DMSP.

Lead Agency: AFWA.

Risks: Reduction of current data volume/types.

Resources: 3 M/M + data ingest costs.

Time Frame: Jun-Dec 2002.

shortfall 6 fnmoc outage navoceano needs backup winds

Shortfall #6: FNMOC Outage – NAVOCEANO Needs Backup Winds

Consequence: NAVO Ocean Current models won’t execute properly without real time winds.

Solution(s): Provide AVN &/or MM5 winds and related fields from NCEP &/or AFWA.

Lead Agency: FNMOC.

Risks: Availability of required fields; data conver-sion efforts; incompatible regional geometries.

Resources: 5 M/M.

Time Frame: Apr 2002 – Feb 2003.

shortfall 7 fnmoc outage afwa needs backup sst anal

Shortfall #7: FNMOC Outage – AFWA Needs Backup SST Anal

Consequence: AFWA models won’t execute properly; no SST source at AFWA.

Solution(s): NAVO provide SST analyses from MODAS direct to AFWA.

Lead Agency: NAVOCEANO.

Risks: Data format or geometry incompatibilities.

Resources: 1 M/M + data conversion costs.

Time Frame: Apr – Aug 2002.

shortfall 8 afwa down need flight plan s w nogaps feed

Shortfall #8: AFWA Down - Need Flight Plan S/W NOGAPS Feed

Consequence: ACFP and CMARPS revert to Climatology if no global model data.

Solution(s): B/Up NOGAPS/AVN data flow from FNMOC/NCEP direct to Scott & Langley AFBs.

Lead Agency: FNMOC.

Risks: Resources to adopt AFWA bundling scripts.

Resources: 3-4 M/M

Time Frame: Jun – Nov 2002



Continue to pursue solutions as briefed to all eight shortfalls.

Adjust Plan as reality and resource availability dictates.

Add/delete shortfalls as needed.