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  1. *Koala* Made by: Adriana Emelinda<3

  2. Classification • Kingdom: Animalia • Phylum: Chordata • Class: Mammalia • Order: Diprotodontia • Family: Phascolarctidae • Genus: Phascolarctos • Species: P. cinereus

  3. Shape, size, weight, & color • Shape: It has a round head with a oval shaped body. • Length: Males 30-7 in. and 178 cm.-Females: 28 in. and 72 cm. • Height 9-20 lbs. Average 26 lbs. • They have a grayish-brownish color. With splotches.

  4. Habitat • Part of World: Eucalypt forest of Australia. • Environment: Koala bears environment is trees.

  5. Diet • Meat: Koalas are Herbivores so they don’t eat meat. • Plant: Koalas do eat plants but they most likely have eucalyptus from eucalyptus trees.

  6. Family Life #1 • Offspring: Number born- The average one female may lay 5 to 6 babys in a lifetime. • Usually they only have one at a time they rarely have twins. • Gestation: (pregnancy) The pregnancy last only about 35 days. • When born: Usually between September and February. • At birth the koala is 19mm long (two fingernails long)- that is about the length when it is born and 0.5 grams for the weight.

  7. Family life #2 • Care: About 22 weeks of age the eyes open and the head peeks out of the pouch for the first time. • At 37 weeks the cub leaves the mother. • At 44 weeks the cub still ventures less than a meter away. • The koala remains with the mother until 12 months of age. • Shelter: Forest or in trees.

  8. Social Behavior • The koala bear is very shy but it is very very nice. • Also the koala bear loves to cuddle with people and other koalas. • On the next slide you will see that It licks the rain and when it rains it curls in a ball but not always it also climbs around.

  9. Characteristics#1 • Temperament: Usually quiet but during mating season they are loud and unruly in there vocalizing. • Habits and Unique Behavior: The behavioral patterns of koalas can be described as lethargic and comatose. • Defenses: they defend themselves by using there sharp claws. They protect there young by putting them in there pouches.

  10. Charactaristics • Acquiring food: They use there claws and opposable thumbs. They grab the eucalyptus of the eucalyptus trees. • Life-span: Their life span today varies considerably due to stress factors, probably averaging 13-18 years.

  11. History( for the name) • The early settlers referred to koalas as sloth's, monkeys, bears, and even monkey bears, adopting the unfortunate practice of transposing the names of animals which were already familiar to Europeans to Australian look-alikes. The virtual absence of a tail, together with their stocky build and their relatively long legs, gives the koalas a bear-like appearance, and undoubtedly led to their being referred to as, "koala bears", or, "native bears”

  12. Present Status • Key to there present status is the difference of fertility. • Koalas are not endangered but people think that they will be soon like in 7 years but we don’t know for sure.

  13. Thanks for watching!!! I really hope you enjoyed by koala bear presentation!!!!! I had a lot of fun doing this project and I hope you did to….