Cuba and us relations
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Cuba and us relations. Global Issues Thursday 1/12/12. Bellwork.

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Cuba and us relations

Cuba and us relations

Global Issues

Thursday 1/12/12


  • This week, you have learned about the difference between command and market economies. Name one country in North, South or Latin America that leans more to a market economy. Name one country in North, South or Latin America that has more of a command economy.

Brief history of us and cuba relations
Brief History of US and Cuba Relations

  • Can anyone in the US go to Cuba at any time?

    • Answer: No!

    • Why Not?

      • In 1960, the US imposed an embargo on trading with Cuba because of Cuba’s communist leaning govt under Fidel Castro

        • Why does the US dislike communism so much?

      • How would not being able to trade with the US affect the lives of Cuban at this time?

Brief history of us and cuba relations cont
Brief History of US and Cuba Relations (cont.)

  • Cuba had support of Soviet Union from the 1960s-80s, which caused greater tensions between the US and Cuba

  • Cuba’s economy did well for a time, but eventually economic problems began

    • Why do you think Cuba had economic issues even with support from the Soviet Union?

      • Soviet Union had $ problems as well, and Cuba couldn’t trade with it’s resource-rich neighbor (US)

      • Cubans began to risk their lives by travelling on rafts and boats to the US

Brief history of us and cuba relations cont1
Brief History of US and Cuba Relations (cont.)

  • Cuba operates under a mostly command economy

  • Most of Cuba’s people are employed by the government (public sector), but more Cubans are now working in the private sector-what does this term mean?

    • Private sector are those people who work for businesses or themselves, they don’t work for the govt (examples)

Video clip of modern cuba
Video Clip of Modern Cuba

  • Cuba is starting to change-Fidel Castro has been replaced by his brother Raul, and they are moving more toward a market economy because of the growing private sector

  • As you watch the video, write down examples of private sector jobs mentioned and other ways Cuba is changing economically (write this info in your graphic organizer)

Group activity
Group Activity

  • In your groups, you will be reading excerpts from the US Constitution and the Constitution of Cuba

  • Each passage refers to the rights given to people to buy, sell, and own private property

  • Read the instructions at the top of the worksheet, then write each clause in your own words on the second worksheet

  • Write down any similarities and differences you notice between the two documents on your worksheet

  • Be prepared to discuss your findings with the class

Exit slip
Exit Slip

  • After today’s lesson, do you believe that we will ever lift the embargo and trade with Cuba? Why or why not?

  • Turn in both your bellwork, exit slip, and activity before you leave!

  • Tomorrow we will look at more examples of different economies throughout the world