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Choosing the Right Eye Doctor

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Choosing the Right Eye Doctor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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One must take care of their eyes and have a proper eye exam to improve eye health. Know here some tips to choose a right eye doctor for all your eye care needs.

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Choosing the Right Eye Doctor

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choosing the right eye doctor




when it comes to choosing a service provider

When it comes to choosing a service

provider for anything ground of

confusion can be many and the results

costly. We try to remain aware and

informed to avoid this. But, still, there

are scores of things in which the

confusion prevails. For instance, many

people may get confused while

identifying between a turtle and a

tortoise. The same confusion might also

occur while choosing between an orange

and tangerine. Jam and jelly look the

same but they are different in

properties and taste. The same

confusion is there when you have to

choose between an Optometrist and an

Ophthalmologist. The reason is simple,

both are eye doctors. Yet, there is a lot

of difference in their specialization

unknown to a common user.

regular eye checkup is a necessity it helps

Regular eye checkup is a necessity. It helps you in maintaining

a good eyesight and keeping your vision perfect. Several

vision-related issues might go unnoticed if you do not take

the eye exams at regular intervals. But, when it comes to

selecting the right doctor the choices baffle the users.




Toledo, Ohio has a good number of Eye

Doctors and if you are considering an

Eye Exam you must see an Eye Doctor

in Toledo immediately. The eye doctors

are of 2 types, the Optometrists, and

the Ophthalmologists. They differ in

their specializations and the kind of

problems they can handle. 

the differences between an optometrist




their education


Both the Optometrists and the

Ophthalmologists specialize in eye care. But,

their education and training are different. An

Optometrist attends the optometry school for

four years degree and does a year of

residency. The Ophthalmologist, on the other

hand, attends the medical school for a four-

year degree program and then does at least

four years of residency. An Ophthalmologist

may also do a one or two-year fellowship to

acquire specialization. This is a clear

advantage in treating complicated issues like

glaucoma and pediatric eye care issues. So, if

you are facing some serious eye problem then

consulting an Ophthalmologist in Toledo, Ohio

will be the prudent choice. If you only need to

consult an Eye Doctor in Toledo for general

eye care then you can even consult an

Optometrist. They are professionally capable

to deal with such issues.

surgical knowledge


The Optometrists can help you with all kinds of eye

problems but they do not perform eye surgeries. In case,

your problem requires a surgery, you will have to consult

the Ophthalmologists in Toledo, Ohio. Both kinds of eye

doctors can handle all kind of eye problems with similar

efficiency. But, if you are looking for an Eye Doctor in

Ohio who can perform a surgery, then you must go to an


prescribing eye glasses and contact lenses



Weak eyesight has spread like an epidemic. Every other

people need eyeglasses or contact lenses for vision

correction. Higher the amount of time spent in front of

television or computer screens the greater is the amount of

stress on the eyes. In such conditions, glasses and contact

lenses are the first resort. It is a problem for which there is

no permanent solution. To get eyeglasses or contact lenses

you can go to an Eye Doctor in Toledo. Both the

Optometrists and the Ophthalmologists are equally qualified

to prescribe them.

laser and other surgeries


As discussed above, only an Ophthalmologist in Toledo, Ohio

can perform all kinds of laser and other surgeries required

for eyes. An Optometrist can only perform general eye care

procedures, prescribe medicines and tests.

treatment of serious eye problems



In case, you are suffering from some serious eye problem like

macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or need a

cataract surgery, you'll have to consult an Ophthalmologist in

Toledo, Ohio. They are the experts in treating such conditions. Even

if you are consulting an Optometrist you will be referred to the

Ophthalmologist by them.

However, if you are suffering from any kind of eye problem the

first step is to see an Eye Doctor in Toledo. If there is a need, the

doctor would refer you to the specialized doctor after evaluation.

Not going to the doctor at all is more dangerous in such situations.