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By Kevin Lu

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A Holiday In China. By Kevin Lu. In Hong Kong.

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By Kevin Lu

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in hong kong
In Hong Kong

In Hong Kong we did some very fun things. One of the very fun things is that my two cousins and I (plus our parents) got to stay for two days at the Disney Hotel. In these two days at Disney Fun Park we played almost everything in it including buzz lightyear (a shooting game), Space Mountain (a very high speed roller coaster, The Golden Mickeys (a show), The Autopier (a car that you can drive but doesn’t need handling) and many others.

in hong kong1
In Hong Kong

In Hong Kong there was also some really nice food. One main point of the food was the seafood, they add heaps of spices in it and it really tastes really nice believe me. I like the chicken there. I pretty like everything there but you should go there and see for yourself. I also got a Ipod Touch and a Macbook Pro for Christmas from my mum and dad.

in shanghai
In Shanghai

Shanghai is the place where I was born so I love it there very much. Most of my relatives live there. My friends lived close to my so I play with them often. Most of the time I go to my small grandma’s house to eat dinner, she makes some really nice food. Sometimes I go to my friends house and play Lego, plus then we invite more friends to come over to play like Ivan and Justin who is from America.

in shao xin
In Shao Xin

On the road to Shao Xin another car bumped into us and caused a lot of trouble because we wasted a lot of time arguing. The trip took about three hours plus the time that we argued. My friend was there and we ate dinner together. After dinner he cam to my hotel and played music on my Ipod. I am here writing this right now in my room in the hotel with my friend.

in shao xin1
In Shao Xin

This is my second day in Shao Xin. In the morning we missed breakfast because I like stayed up till two in the morning yesterday. After I got up we went to see my two uncle’s office. There used to be a ping-pong ball table there but then it got moved away. So I just watched and fed the fish in the tank inside the office. After that we went out to eat breakfast. There were heaps of food there and I just munched it down. Then we went to where my two uncle’s lived.

in shao xin2
In Shao Xin

When we were done there we went to see the new construction which was going to be the new office or my two uncles.

In Win Zhou

It took about four hours to drive to Win Zhou. When we got there we drove to our hotel. We first got into our room and put our stuff in our rooms. Then we went to dinner. In the dinner room there was a karaoke. After we had our dinner we started singing with the music on the karaoke. When we went home I had a shower.

in win zhou
In Win Zhou

Today I am going to play golf for the whole day with my friend Birdy. In the first nine holes I got 65 hits and Birdy got 64 hits just beating me by one. In the second nine holes I was getting into the mood and got 60 hits and birdie hit 65 hits. The player that wins is the one with the least shots, so I won because I got five shots less than Birdy. After that we went to dinner. The dinner tasted delicious. After dinner we went to sing at the karaoke again. We finished at 11 o’clock.

driving back to shanghai
Driving Back To Shanghai

In the morning in Win Zhou we first visited my friend Birdy’s house and played for a while there. We played a game using magnets and you have to make them hop and when you get very close to the other magnet you can win them by hopping and getting them into a group of two. The first one to get all the magnets is the winner. We played a very good game and I won. After that we had to say goodbye. We had a long journey ahead of us six hours in fact.

driving back to shanghai1
Driving Back To Shanghai

On the car I just slept, watched movies on my Ipod, go to the WC at the stops and pretty much all that. We nearly ran out of fuel one time and if there wasn’t a stop to get our oil back we would have been stuck out there. When we arrived at Shanghai we had dinner at my old house. When we finished dinner we went back to our new house.

back in shanghai
Back In Shanghai

Today is the day that my dad is going back to New Zealand. His plane is leaving at 4:02pm. In the morning we went to my small grandma’s house to eat breakfast. When we finished breakfast we went back to our house and helped dad pack his last things. I got my backpack ready because I am going to my auntie’s house to play piano. My mum went with dad to the airport and grandma and me went to my auntie’s house to play piano. The rest of the day went pretty much like eat, draw, watch TV and all that.

in shanghai1
In Shanghai

Today is the day that my uncle, auntie, cousin and newborn cousin are coming back. In the morning I watched a movie called Firehouse Dog while eating eggs. In the afternoon I did piano class. In the evening I went to my cousin’s house and played with my cousin for the whole evening.

in shanghai2
In Shanghai

These few days my cousin has been staying at my house. In these few days I have played and watched movies on my computer with my cousin. (Next Day) Today in the morning I went to my auntie’s house to practice piano. I practiced one hour then I went to my little grandma’s house to sit for a while. In the evening after dinner my friend came over to my house to stay for the night.

in shanghai3
In Shanghai

Today me and my friend played for the whole day. In the morning we first played in the swimming pool. My cousin was there too. We swam in the pool, did water fights and had competitions. After that we played for a little while then went to my friend’s house to play. We first took our cousin to our old house then I went to my friends house to play we played till dinner. The dinner was delicious at my friend’s house and I ate a lot. We played PS2 after dinner. After that I said goodbye to my friend and went home.

in shanghai4
In Shanghai

Today I went to my auntie Wong’s house. In the morning my mum and me went to my auntie’s house. My mum stayed there for a while then went home and left me there. In my auntie’s house there are heaps of stuff like heaps of instruments, game consoles, laptops and heaps of other stuff. Adrian my uncle helped me with my computer and installed a music program called Reason onto my computer. My auntie had a history with Apple laptops.

in shanghai5
In Shanghai

Her first laptop was a G4 the best laptop in that time but you can’t use it anymore because the screen is broken. Her second laptop is a iBook brought in England. You can still use it for watching movies! My auntie’s newest laptop is a Macbook Pro a same one as my one a 15.4 inch screen and the same fastness. My uncle has a 17 inch Macbook Pro the best laptop Apple has made so far. My uncle has not enough storage on his laptop so needs to build a get new hard drive onto it.

in shanghai6
In Shanghai

In the evening they took me to a French restaurant to eat. (Next Day) Today my mum, uncle, auntie and me are going to have a game of golf at Binghai Golf Course. It was very cold out there and it is the first time we have ever played golf on a snowy day. The snowflakes were really beautiful most of us enjoyed the day but my auntie got a bit chilly because she kept on getting hit by the snowflakes on her ears. We only played nine holes because we didn’t have much time.

in shanghai7
In Shanghai

After that we ate a little stuff and bought some stuff at the store there then went home. (After a few days) Today we are supposed to go and play golf but it was snowing and raining so we decided to go skiing instead. Before we went skiing me and my cousins did a snow fight. The snow fight was really fun but not for Fiona (my second to smallest cousin) because she got hit by a snowball (thrown by me). After that we went skiing. I have already skied before so in went skiing on my own.

in shanghai8
In Shanghai

At the skiing place there are three levels. The first one isn’t steep and you can’t go fast. The second level is way more steeper than the first level and you can go fast and lose control. The third level is about as the same as the second. I skate mostly on the second level. After we finished we ate some food there and went home. (A few days later) In these few days it has been snowing in Shanghai. Me and my cousins have been building snowmen and doing snow fights.

in shanghai9
In Shanghai

We made a very big snowmen but got totally wasted by other people. On day I took my small cousin to have some fun with my other cousins. One of my cousins a bit bigger than my small cousin can get very good with my little cousin or the opposite. Today they started out arguing then in the end they started chasing me and my friend. My friend started collecting snowflakes for me so I can fight them back.

in shanghai10
In Shanghai

We played for an around an hour then when I was going to take my little cousin home she refused because she still wanted to play. In the end we got her back. On the same day was my birthday. At my birthday party my family came to celebrated my birthday at a cool restaurant. My cousins came with me too. I got heaps of gifts. My uncle game some stuff he brought from the Disney in Hong Kong. My friend Ivan gave me a game.

in shanghai11
In Shanghai

The flight back to New Zealand was cancelled because of the snow. We waited in the airport for 6 hours for my mum to sort things out. (A few days later) Today my big cousin Sol took me to a game place to update my PSP. In the shop there were heaps of models of Gundams (robot models). Me and Sol brought two Gundams. One of them were gold the other one was a mini version of a very big model Sol made. When we got Sol’s house we had afternoon tea.

in shanghai12
In Shanghai

When we finished that I started building the smaller version Gundam Sol had. (Next day) Today after breakfast I went to Sol’s house. In Sol’s house we started building the gold Gundam. We had a lunch break at 2:20pm. When we finished lunch we got back to building the Gundam. When it was about 7:00pm my mother rang Sol and told time it was time for me to come home. Sol helped me pack my Gundam. When I got back home I showed my mum, grandma and a few other people my Gundam.

in shanghai13
In Shanghai

Well in the next few days there was something very exciting and it was the New Year’s Eve! The New Year’s Eve was a excellent night. My cousins all came and we had a lot of fun. The place where we held the New Year’s Eve was at a new patch of houses that my uncle brought. The food was okay there. After dinner I played with my cousins. After two of my big cousins have gone I started playing with the little ones. At 12:05am we lit the fireworks. My two little cousins were scared so they ran inside the house.

in shanghai14
In Shanghai

At the end of the day we were all very exhausted. (Next day) Today we are having dinner with my tallest cousin he is 193cm tall. In the evening we went to the same place we went yesterday. After dinner my cousin and I played ping pong. When we were finished our parents were already looking at the new houses. We looked around the house then left. (Next day) Today is the day that I am going back to New Zealand.

in shanghai15
In Shanghai

In the morning I played with my small cousin who lives with me and in the afternoon me and my mum got on the plane and went back to New Zealand.


This is the most spectacular year in Shanghai. The snow there usually comes once in every 30 years. Usually the north part of China snows every year in winter but this year the north part didn’t snow at all I wonder why?