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Sustainment Command G6 (Theater ) Campaign Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1 st. Sustainment Command G6 (Theater ) Campaign Plan. 1. Support 1 st TSC Command SHARP Initiatives. SHARP Leader Development Protect The Force / Safety SOF Support Support to JSA Georgia & TF Sinai Set, Reset and Sustain the Theater Strategic Partner Integration

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Sustainment Command

G6 (Theater) Campaign Plan


Support 1st TSC Command SHARP Initiatives


  • Leader Development

  • Protect The Force / Safety

  • SOF Support

  • Support to JSA Georgia & TF Sinai

  • Set, Reset and Sustain the Theater

  • Strategic Partner Integration

  • Support CENTCOM Family of Plans

  • Property Accountability

1st TSC Enduring Priorities

Increase SHARP awareness, response and prevention for all Soldiers and Civilians in the G-6 workforce, while reinforcing the culture to eliminate and prevent all assault/ harassment. Conduct internal G6 SHARP Trng monthly and ensure 100% of all G6 personnel have completed on-line SHARP Trng NLT 22 APR 2014.

  • Taking care of G6 Soldiers and Families


Maintain a strong and resilient G6 team via commitment to Standards, Discipline, Soldier Skills, Leader Development, Technical Certifications, and Professional Military Education. Develop a internal tracking tool that will allow the G6 and G6 SGM to track all Trng and Signal Solder Development Certifications NLT 1 MAY 2014.

Support All Retrograde/Base Closure Operations and

JSA Georgia Operations


Stay integrated and synced with all operations forward in order to provide and assist with all tactical and strategic communications to ensure the CMD and all subordinates can execute operations in support of Retrograde and Base Closure Operations and Resolute Support. Also continue to support all enduring missions for JSA Georgia. Conduct mission analysis on current support and personnel deployment assignments NLT 1 MAY 2014.


  • TF SINAI Communications

Integrate a robust communications infrastructure at TF Sinai by adding redundancy through installation, operation, and maintenance of two additional SNAPs NLT 30 APR and a Strategic Circuit via Tel Aviv NLT 1 JUL 2014. Also conduct mission analysis on current manning requirements for TF Sinai IOT mitigate Comms issues NLT 1 MAY 2014.


  • Think and Become Expeditionary

Integrate this concept to effectively validate and maintain a tactical and strategic communication infrastructure enabling mission command at all 1st TSC current command posts and to support global response in environments without any communications infrastructure IOT support split based operations NLT 1 AUG 2014.


Provide Outstanding Customer Service

Improve the way that we do business by leveraging technology to align people, processes, and tools. Create, maintain, evaluate, and improve systems that help teammates solve communications problems and coordinate for their communication needs. Also, integrate processes for information dissemination and document sharing through restructuring the current 1st TSC Public Facing Page and the NIPR/SIPR Portals NLT 1 AUG 2014.