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complex information system cwms 3000 n.
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Complex information system CWMS-3000 PowerPoint Presentation
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Complex information system CWMS-3000

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Complex information system CWMS-3000
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Complex information system CWMS-3000

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  1. Complex information systemCWMS-3000 Warehouse management system

  2. The platform on which is based system CWMS-3000 is developed on... • Borland Delphi™ • Microsoft.Net ™ - ORACLE 9i. The client part is developed for use in WINDOWS environment

  3. Functionality of system:

  4. Arrival and Delivery Processes • It is made on the fact, under the forward ordering of the client, under the document • Instant accommodation / removal of the goods from cells due to use of technology of barcode • Tracking of expire dates of the goods • Tracking of condition of the goods • Reception of returns • The account of the goods is made in different units of storage

  5. Process of moving In system the account of all movings of the goods in a warehouse from a place to a place that increases efficiency of processes and safety of the goods is conducted. The system remembers all movings of each goods.

  6. Process of repacking • Converting of the defective goods in suitable • selection of various sets from any quantity of kinds of production • It is made on the document or on the fact

  7. Revealing of defective goods

  8. Integration with external ERP systems In CWMS-3000 system the simple mechanism has been developed for integration with any operating system. At the moment CWMS-3000 it is integrated with such systems, as SAP, 1C, universal EDI/XML formats

  9. Reporting Construction of reports the important making part of any warehouse work, therefore system CWMS-3000 allows to construct quickly real reports for any period of time.

  10. Removed access to base through Internet Displays a condition of base in a mode of real time

  11. Module ofbilling In system it is constructed the flexible mechanism of tariffing of clients. Under each client the individual plan of tariffing can be made. Finally the financial report for any period of time is given.

  12. Technologies The warehouse management system is based on a principle of address storage, automatic identification of a site of storage of the goods. All arrived goods is marked and placed on marked places of storage. Performance of any work in a warehouse proves to be true scanning a barcode from labels.

  13. The block - scheme of acceptance of the goods with barcode

  14. Advantages of system • Flexibility of system • Ease of recognition of the user interface • Individual approach to each client • The multi-user software • Openness of architecture and technologies • Integrability with various processes and systems • The patented technology of a dynamical stock • Real display of a condition of the goods at any moment • Use of Internet-technologies for the removed access to a warehouse • Opportunity of work both with barcode system, and without it. • Opportunity to expand system and to connect modules of processing of adjacent processes

  15. Performance Time for inventory Time of performance of warehouse operations Profit A spoiling goods Turnover Decreasing Increasing Expenses Operational control Accuracy of the account Shortage and surplus of goods Quality of service The control over a warehouse