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US & Canada Test Review. Canada Population Distribution. Population of Canada is most dense in the East Largely due to water sources People were drawn to Eastern Canada because water sources could be used as transportation. Canadian Language.

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Canada population distribution
Canada Population Distribution

  • Population of Canada is most dense in the East

  • Largely due to water sources

  • People were drawn to Eastern Canada because water sources could be used as transportation

Canadian language
Canadian Language

  • One of the most spoken Languages in Eastern Canada is FRENCH

  • Because…Early settlers in Canada were from France

Us canada
US & Canada

  • Rural vs. Urban

    • Urban

      • More Industry

    • Rural

      • More Agriculture Traditions ( farming, ranching, etc)

North america early settlement
North America early settlement

  • First people to migrate from Asia to North America crossed the BERINGIA LAND BRIDGE

    • Very old ice bridge during the ice age that let people cross from Asia to the US

Modifications in north america
Modifications in North America

  • Dams & Resevoirs- modify the environment to provide cheap electricity in rural areas

Adaptations in north america
Adaptations in North America

  • Air Conditioning- A/C has allowed urban cities to grow in extremely hot places where people used to not go

    • (Example-Las Vegas)

North american cities
North American Cities

  • Megalopolis-

    • A cluster of very large cities that is considered one giant city

      • (LA, Houston, New York City, etc)

  • These Megalopolis cities have popped up due to their location near transportation routes & major economic activity

North american regions
North American Regions

  • Functional Region: Towns connected because the rely on each other for transportation, communication, and economic activity

Canadian economy
Canadian Economy

  • Canada is Socialist


Communism Socialism Free Enterprise

Cultural convergence
Cultural Convergence

  • Cultural convergence – where different cultures become similar or even come together

    • Example- Democratic ideas started with philosophers in Europe and spread to our founding fathers in the US



Us canada geography
US & Canada Geography

  • The US has been successful in international trade because of its…

    • Access to waterways (great lakes, rivers)

    • Access to 2 Oceans (Atlantic and Pacific)

    • *map*

Population distribution
Population Distribution

  • Both Urban & Rural populations in the US have access to Political Power

Gdp literacy rate
GDP & Literacy Rate

  • Countries with High Gross Domestic Product usually have High Literacy Rates

    • Literacy is an important factor in a country’s level of prosperity

Natural disasters population
Natural Disasters & Population

  • Be able to write what Natural Disaster you think has had the most impact on population

    • Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, etc