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The Clash of Empires

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The Clash of Empires - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Clash of Empires. Causes : - Social: British colonies provided a period of  salutary neglect  where they paid little attention to them, where these people began to change their  lifestyles . ( changes in Lifestyle + Religions + Education)

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the clash of empires
The Clash of Empires


-Social: British colonies provided a period of salutary neglect where they paid little attention to them, where these people began to change their lifestyles. ( changes in Lifestyle + Religions + Education)

-Political: Contest for Power of North America between the European Powers with War. (Treaties + War)

-Economical: Limited trading rights in Spanish America - (control of trade/industry + levels of international trade)Effects:

-Social: Generation of peace and the roots of independence began to grow  they could have control over what religion they wanted to be, or if they wanted to receive education, things were no longer under complete control by Britain.

-Political: King William’s War and Queen Anne’s War guerilla warfare à British Rewarded with Acadia, Newfoundland and Hudson Bay ( treaty of 1713)

-Economical: Friction over smuggling (because of trading rights)  War of Jenkin’s Ear  King George’s War

george washington inaugurates war with france
George Washington Inaugurates War with France


-Social: Tensions for land in Ohio Valley / British colonists alarmed by the French land grabbing ( Prevailing lifestyles)

-Political: Chain of French forts popping up in the same wilderness as the Washington family  Fort Duquesne, George Washington lieutenant colonel in Ohio Country by governor of Virginia  Washington encountered small group of French troops. (Leaders + War)

-Economical: French being a competition in fur trade (Trade + Money System)Effects:

-Social:fighting for the authority of their way of life in the New World ( need to keep their lifestyle the way it was)

-Political: French leader killed (War)  French returning with reinforcements (Loyalty to leaders)  Fort Necessity (War)  British authorities uprooting Acadians (structure)  Acadians moved as far south as Louisiana 

-Economical: British colonists wanting to fight for their economic security--- both fighting for authority to their way of life and the need to feel secure economically pushed the rivalry that had been ensuing for land.