the enterprise program michigan technological university l.
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The Enterprise Program Michigan Technological University

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The Enterprise Program Michigan Technological University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Enterprise Program Michigan Technological University. The Enterprise Program…. What is the Enterprise Program and How Does it Work? Frequently Asked Questions Questions?. The Enterprise Program Mission….

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The Enterprise Program Michigan Technological University

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the enterprise program
The Enterprise Program…
  • What is the Enterprise Program and How Does it Work?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Questions?
the enterprise program mission
The Enterprise Program Mission…

“The Enterprise Program employs a multi-disciplinary approach to address real-world projects in a business-like setting thereby helping students to develop the skills necessary to succeed in industry”…

  • Strong technical capabilities
  • Skills in communication and persuasion
  • Ability to lead and work effectively as a member of a team
  • Understanding of non-technical forces that affect engineering decisions
  • Commitment to life-long learning
  • Awareness of global markets and competition
how does it work
How Does it Work?
  • Students select to join one of the existing Enterprises or help start their own Enterprise.
  • Enterprise Teams work with Industry and Government to identify projects and specific problems to be addressed within the projects
  • Members of an Enterprise Team work together to:
      • solve real-world industry problems
      • design, prototype, test, and manufacture
      • manage multiple projects
      • manage to a budget and schedule
      • develop business and marketing plans
      • recruit, “hire” and train new student “employees
who can join
Who Can Join?
  • Motivated and hard-working undergraduates of any major can participate in Enterprise
  • Sophomore through Senior-level students can enroll in Enterprise courses
  • Second semester Freshmen can “try out” an enterprise by enrolling in a 1-credit project course (ENT1960)
how do i join an enterprise
How Do I Join an Enterprise?

The Program has two levels of participation across the entire campus:

  • 12 credit Concentration presently available in each engineering program and in most non-engineering programs
    • 6 credits of project work
    • 3 credits of modules in Teaming and Communications
    • 3 credits of elective professional development courses
  • 20 credit Minor in Enterprise presently available to all majors
    • 6-7 credits of project work
    • 3 credits of modules in Teaming and Communications
    • 5 credits of modules in Business related topics
    • 5-6 credits of elective professional development courses
what enterprise teams are available
What Enterprise Teams are Available?

Robotic Systems Engineering Alternative Energies Group

Automotive Systems Enterprise Consumer Products Mfg

Aerospace Enterprise

Advanced Motor Sports Husky Game Development

Future Truck Information Technology

Mini Baja

Clean Snowmobile Challenge STC/Arts Enterprise

MTU Formula SAE Racing

Noise, Vibration and Harshness Enterprise Aqua Terra Tech

Pavement Design, Construction & Materials

Program In Integrated Sustainable Mfg.

Innovative Castings International Business Ventures

BoardSport Technologies Entrepreneurial Enterprise

Efficiency thru Engineering & Construction

Wireless Communications

Integrated Microsystems

Blue Marble Security

what type of projects will i work on
What type of projects will I work on?
  • Design and build a nano-satellite to measure variations in radio wave emissions that would show how much manmade radiation is seeping into the frequencies characteristic of soil moisture and hopefully help us better understand and predict the Earth’s climate.
  • Invent new products like the Transportable Research Instrument (TRIcorder) - a data analyzing/data acquisition unit built on the Palm Compatible Platform for use in the K-12 lab environment. 
  • Develop a ground vehicle which uses alternative forms of energy to perform military transportation missions for moving troops, heavy equipment and supplies.
  • Design and build a robotic measurement system to explore multi-path propagation effects inside commercial aircraft.
  • Travel to developing countries in Central America to develop sustainable water resources for a community.
what s in it for me
What’s In It for Me?
  • An opportunity to practice being an engineer, an accountant, a marketing analyst, an entrepreneur, a leader….
  • Develop skills needed to succeed in today’s fast paced, ever-changing industry environment
  • Network with professionals from industry…companies like GM, Ford, DENSO, Kimberly-Clark, and many more. Develop key relationships that can help when looking for internships, co-op and full-time job opportunities.
  • The satisfaction of completing real-world projects that will help build your resume!!!
developing skills
Developing Skills…


Michigan Technological University; Houghton, MI Michigan Technological University, Houghton, M

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, May 2004 B. S, in Electrical Engineering, CS Minor, Fall 2003

Cumulative GPA of 3.95 Cumulative G.P.A of 3.36

Recipient MTU Ambassador Student Scholarship

for exceptional academic achievement


Crystal Cool Ice Co., Muskegon Heights, MI Wireless Communication Enterprise, MTU

Ice Man 1999-2003 Project Engineer January 2002-Present

Obtained Commercial Driver License Programmed a chip for a wireless snow alarm

Delivered ice, bagged ice and unloaded semis As project manager, managed relations

Trained new employees with industry, enterprise staff and team

Built a communicating transmitter and receiver

Fruitport Middle School; Fruitport, MIDesigned an RF amplifier and Butterworth filter

Asst Wrestling Coach 2001-2002 Served as Financial Manager, responsible for

Coached and motivated athletes project accounting and procurement

Administered first aid

what enterprise students are saying
What Enterprise Students are Saying

“I think joining the WCE was the best decision I made as an undergraduate. As a result of enterprise my skills range from design engineering and project management to technical writing and documentation. I have interacted with many other incoming graduates from other universities and no university has any program that even closely resembles ours.”~Former WCE Team Leader

“While on co-op, I easily transitioned from the world of academia to the world of “Corporate America” largely in part due to my enterprise experience. My hiring manager at The Dow Chemical Company informed me that he extended a job offer because of my enterprise experience.” ~Former CPM Team Leader

“Every engineering college graduate takes basically the same courses. In an interview, my distinguishing characteristic is never my grade point average, it’s always my Enterprise experience. Employers are pleasantly surprised to learn that not only have I just completed an engineering degree, but I was effectively working as an engineer for most of that time. ~Former WCE Team Leader

what industry partners are saying
What Industry Partners are Saying

“Engineering today is about team work, communication and working with the public. The Enterprise program at MTU combines all these skills in the program and better prepares students for entering the professional workforce. It is one of the most impressive programs that I have seen in all my travels to Universities across the country.” ~Patricia Galloway, CEO, Neilsen-Wurster Group

“The skills and attitudes that are targeted by the Enterprise concept, such as leadership, communication, teamwork, and motivation for lifelong learning, have been successfully learned by the students, and now they are budding “superstars” for the firms that have hired them.”

~Richard Anderson, Principal Engineer, SOMAT, Inc.

“The Michigan Tech Enterprise is a leading program in preparing engineering students with leadership skills, attitudes, and valuable insights to enable rapid personal and professional excellence. This program supports a critical U.S. Engineering educational need to prepare students to thrive in the fast paced, rapidly changing environment that is facing all U.S. industry.” ~ Randy Hill, VP of Product & Technology Kimberly-Clark Corporation

where can i find out more about enterprise
Where Can I Find out More About Enterprise?

For More Info on…

Enterprise Teams

Faculty Advisors

Curriculum and Courses


Contact the Program Director –