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Onomatopoeia . The rusty spigot sputters, utters a splutter, spatters a smattering of drops, gashes wider; slash, splatters, scatters, spurts, finally stops sputtering and splash! gushes rushes splashes clear water dashes. Onomatopoeia .

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The rusty spigotsputters, utters a splutter,spatters a smattering of drops,gashes wider;slash, splatters, scatters, spurts,finally stops sputteringand splash!gushes rushes splashesclear water dashes.

  • Onomatopoeia is the imitation of natural sounds in word form.
  • These words help us form mental pictures about the things, people, or places that are described.
  • Sometimes the word names a thing or action by copying the sound.
  • With a partner, take 3 minutes and brainstorm all the onomatopoeia you can on your sheet of chart paper!
  • To get you started…
    • Buzz
    • Bang
    • Boom
    • Hiss
    • Pow
expanding your brainstorming
Expanding your brainstorming
  • For each of the words you listed, write a person's name, a place or a thing that first comes to their mind when you hear the word.
writing sentences
Writing Sentences
  • Write 5 sentences that contain at least one example of onomatopoeia.
    • Ex. The bee buzzed by my head.
writing a paragraph with onomatopoeia
Writing a Paragraph with Onomatopoeia
  • Look at the two pictures in front of you.
  • Write a paragraph that describes the action in the picture and include as many onomatopoeia words as you can.